10 Natural teething toys & remedies for baby

Ouch — your baby is teething! You may find yourself familiar with an extra clingy, fussy, and uncomfortable baby as teething has set it, but don’t worry. We have 20 natural teething toys AND remedies to share that’ll take the teething pain away!


The good news when it comes to teething is that quite a few studies report that the peak of discomfort happens RIGHT before baby’s tooth erupts!


That means if we can find ways to keep baby comfortable, teething may not be so bad after all!


Use the BEST teething remedies for baby


Fortunately, there are quite a few teething remedies you can try.


One important thing to always remember is to use benzocaine-free teething products for baby.


There was a massive recall back in May 2018 because benzocaine products used for babies could can “lead to a serious — and sometimes fatal — condition called methemoglobinemia, in which the oxygen-carrying capacity of red blood cells is greatly reduced”.


It’s also important to know that MOST over the counter “remedies” aren’t typically recommended by the FDA simply because there has not been enough testing or research-backed information to say yes, this product works!


That being said, it’s always important to put your research hat on and read up on any kind of remedy you use.


I always prefer to stick with toys and more natural teething remedies, but here are a few ideas that can help in the meantime:


  • Hold a piece of peeled ginger root for baby to gnaw on (do NOT let baby chew on this freely as it can be a choking hazard). Ginger is known to have anti-inflammatory properties making it a wonderful natural teething remedy!


  • Make your own clove oil for baby’s gums. Cloves are known to have numbing properties — you can use them to make your own teething paste by mixing ground cloves with coconut oil or breastmilk & gently rub a small amount onto baby’s gums.


  • Use chamomile. Chamomile makes a great teething remedy because it not only can help relieve some of the pain, but it can help soothe your baby! Try offering via a washcloth that baby can gnaw on or you can rub against their ouchie gums.


Now that you have a few natural teething remedies to try and offer your baby for relief, lets talk about the 15 BEST natural teething toys you can also try!


10 Natural Teething Toys For Baby


natural teething toys and remedies for babies.


Keeping our babies safe, free of discomfort, and happy is every parent’s goal. Try out one of these natural teething toys the next time your little one is showing signs of a tooth making it’s way in!


Little Bamber Amber Teething Toy


Little Bamber is a cute giraffe designed teething toy to take place of the classic amber teething necklace!


Many moms swear by amber teething products, but unfortunately, the necklaces tend to be a health concern as the beads can come undone posing as a choking hazard to baby.


Now, you can toss those worries and use this little toy instead!


It features an easy to hold design, 100% natural ingredients, and makes a great gift for new parents too!




100% Natural Cotton Muslin Teething Bib 


This stylish cotton teething bib makes teething feel great while helping you look good!


It comes in various cute patterns/designs along with using soft muslin cotton that won’t irritate even the most sensitive baby’s skin!




Chewable Fruit-Shaped Teething Toy 


Made out of 100% natural Hevea rubber, this little teether is bound to have your little one begging for more.


The good news is you can get quite the selection such as their:


  • Avocado


  • Broccoli


  • Coconut


  • Kale


  • And much much more available on Amazon!




Wooden Teething Rattle


These 100% natural wood rattles double as teethers — how cool is that.


Featuring an easy to grasp design, soft to hard chewing texture options and rattling fun to keep them entertained — these teething rattles are definitely one of my top picks for teething toys!




Natursutten Natural Rubber Teether Toy


The Natursutten brand is well known for its handcrafted all-natural pacifiers.


Well, they took things to the next step and created a teething toy for babies featuring their famous natural rubber that’s WAY softer than other silicone teethers for baby.


Although a bit on the pricier side, many reviews seem to be in favor of this teething toy for babies!




Teetherpops are another favorite because you can literally make your own pops of any kind!


For a young teething baby, I’d suggest a breast milk popsicle.


As baby gets older or even enters toddlerhood you can get creative and use things like mashed up fruits, yogurt, baby food, and much more!




Itzy Ritzy Teething Mit 


If you have a teething baby that can’t get their hands out of their mouth, try this adorable teething mit!


It simply slides on over their hand and velcros into place. Allowing baby to chew on the soft textured silicone or the crinkly soft fabric for teething relief!


Not only is it excellent for teething, but a great sensory toy as well!




RaZbaby Silicone Baby Teether 


If there’s one thing teething babies seem to love, it’s texture!


The rough or patterned textures provide just enough pressure when baby chews to provide pain relief.


That’s what makes this teether so awesome, it’s loaded with texture!




Frozen or Chilled Washcloths


Chilled or frozen washcloths are great because it combines two prime teething relief methods: cold & texture!


I usually aim to get a soft washcloth like these bamboo fabric ones, but you can also try a soft muslin fabric washcloth as well!


Once you have your washcloth simply dampen with water or breast milk, chill in the freezer (usually 15 – 30minutes does the trick in the freezer) or folded up in the fridge for at least an hour.


Once chilled and cool to the touch, offer to baby so they can start chewing away!




Mia The Lamb 100% Rubber Teether


Lastly, Mia The Lamb.


This teether is vert soft, soft enough for baby to chew on with ease along with featuring a subtle variety of textures throughout the design.


In addition to being made out of all-natural rubber material, it’s a teething toy that’ll grow with your baby as they get older as well!




With the variety of natural teething toys and remedies listed above, I know you’ll be able to help your baby find some teething relief!


Which natural teething toys have you tried from this list?



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