10 Unique Things To Do On A Snow Day

What To Do With Your Kids On A Snow Day


10 Screen-Free Activities For A Snow Day


There are the classic snow day activities such as build a fort and play with play dough, but let’s try something new. Let’s think outside the box and make this the best snow day yet.


Take this day to spend time with your kids and let go of the pressure to have a clean house and get your to-do-list done.


Here are 10 screen-free snow day ideas for indoors and outdoors! If you like these ideas you would love this book I found on Amazon!




Indoor Snow Day Activities For Kids


Make Your Own Play Dough


homemade play dough on a snow day


Instead of pulling out the usual play dough, make your own and then have endless fun with it!


The fun thing about making your own playdough is you can add food coloring to make it any color want. You can also make it scented by adding essential oils or even spices from your cabinet.


All you need is some flour, salt, cream of tartar, oil, and water.


Here is our favorite recipe.


Bring The Snow Inside


Instead of freezing in the great outdoors, bring the snow inside!


Get a large container and fill it with snow. Then sit it on the kitchen floor with some bowls, spoons, and cups and let the kids play!


My daughter happens to have little polar bear toys, which are perfect for adding to the snow play.


snow day activity


You can also mix food coloring and water and let the kids change the color of the snow.


You can put this in a squirt bottle (I have some on hand that I got from Dollar Tree) or you can just put it in a bowl. If you have a medicine syringe that would be extra fun for the kids to grab the colored water from a bowl and squirt it onto the snow.


Sensory Play


Ok so technically the first two activities would be considered sensory play, but let’s keep going with that idea.



There are a million things in your house that you could use for sensory play. Here are a few ideas:

  • rice
  • noodles (cooked or raw)
  • baking soda mixed with hair conditioner (makes fake snow – see video above)
  • shaving cream
  • diy slime with corn starch


Let your kids use their imaginations and get a little messy. I promise it’s always worth it to have to clean up the mess.


toddlers playing with rainbow rice


Build An Obstacle Course


A snow day can start to feel long and like your kids are going to jump out of their skin. Help them get the wiggles out by making an obstacle course for them to go through.


Put things on the floor for them to jump over, things for them to crawl over or under… you get the idea. They will have a blast.


Vegetable or Fruit Stamping


Have some apples or celery? How about paint?


If you have these things you have the perfect materials for vegetable stamping! Cut the bottom off of the celery, dip it in paint, and stamp it onto a piece of paper. Your kids will get really creative and start painting other things with the shapes made by the vegetables.


This works great with apples cut in half as well.


What To Do On A Snow Day Outside


Snow days, while very cold, give your kids a chance to explore the outdoors like it is a whole new world. Don’t shy away from letting your kids play out in the cold. The cold bothers you way more than it bothers them.


If you have littles and can’t stay warm inside, while they are outside, invest in these snow pants and a nice warm coat. You can use these for many years to come and play outside with your kids on those freezing cold days, and still, be warm!


Do A Snow Day Scavenger Hunt


There are tons of cool things to go on the hunt for in a winter wonderland.


Print off a free snow day scavenger hunt, bundle up and watch the kids have fun searching for things in the yar.


Build A Different Snow Object


Building a snowman is always a good idea, but how about something else?! What cool snow sculpture idea can you and your kids come up with?


If you don’t want to participate, then challenge your kids to build something cool.


The other day on Instagram I saw a family build a tractor and some hay bails! What is something that your kids are familiar with that they could build themselves?


outdoor snow day activities for kids


Have The Kids Help With Clean Up


Hand your kids a shovel or an ice scraper and have them help you! Even if they are super little. My 4 year old thinks it’s really cool to get all the snow off of my car.


I still do most of the work but she thinks it’s fun to help.


kids snow day activities


Paint the Snow


Bring some paints outside and paint the snow! The kids will think it’s so cool to watch the paint freeze on the snow.


You can also do this with water and food coloring.


I hope that gives you some different ideas for how to fill your time with fun activities on your next snow day.


After you’ve done a bunch of these activities, feel free to cuddle up with some hot chocolate and a fun movie for the kids. 🙂


The author of this post is the owner of Daisies and Diapers and can also be found at katieskottage.com

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