7 Easter Games Your Kids Will Love

Easter is one of the first holidays of the year where you get to spend the whole day outside, or at least that’s true of some places in the world. That makes it a day full of energy and games to blow off some of that excitement.


It’s also quite commonly a time for families to come together. But, you need to keep the kids playing games or else they’ll want to do an Easter egg hunt for the 5th time in a single day. I’ve put together a list of Easter games that kids will love.


easter games for kids

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7 Easy Easter Games For The Whole Family


Bunny Ears Ring Toss


The kids and adults can all take turns wearing the inflatable bunny ears for this hilarious ring toss game but the fun doesn’t have to stop there. The ears can be placed just about anywhere to increase the difficulty of the game for the older kids or left stationary on the grass for the little ones.


Cornhole Toss


Cornhole, aka bean bag tossing, has been around since at least the early 1880s when the first patent was given for it. Today the game can be found at every school fair, but it is also big with college students and adults. There are even tournaments for the game! Love for Cornhole starts at a young age though, at family gatherings just like Easter.


Egg Spoon Race


Racing with an egg on a spoon is a timeless game that is sure to continue until the end of time. There are of course a number of ways you can change up the game. Instead of using an uncooked egg you could use a water balloon. Or if you want to make it a little easier for the kids you could use wooden spoons or paper plates to hold the egg with.


Jelly Bean Bingo


It’s always good to have some indoor games ready just in case the weather decides to rain on your Easter family gathering. A Jelly Bean Bingo game is a great way to go. Instead of using stickers or something permanent to mark the Bingo cards give everyone a small pile of jelly beans to put on it. Actually, you’d better make it two small piles, one for eating and one for playing with.


Bunny Hop Sack Race


Sack races are another one of those timeless games that are likely to continue to exist for the rest of time. Sadly, these days the traditional large sacks that would have been used to hold flour or potatoes aren’t as easy to come by anymore. But, you can still find sacks like them in craft supply stores or sold as fully made kits in stores like Walmart.


Egged On


Egged On is a fantastic game of egg-based roulette. You’ll get a carton of plastic eggs, some of which will have been filled with water. Which one you get, you won’t know until you crack it open. The last person standing wins. The game guide also includes alternative ways to play, so every time will be exciting. It’s fun for the whole family. Just make sure you have some old shirts your guests can borrow because this is the sort of game that will get played again and again.


Egg Clue Hunt


Take the Easter egg hunt to a new level with clues hidden inside plastic eggs. Rather than just finding candy or money inside an egg the kids hunting for the eggs will find clues to where you’ve hidden those treats. This also gives you the opportunity to make the prizes a whole lot bigger than would fit inside an egg, like cookies or coloring books!

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