9 Things I Wish I Had For My First Baby

Babies don’t need a lot. You really can get by without a whole lot of today’s’ latest baby “must-haves.” BUT there are some things that do make life more convenient during the baby stage.


I made it through with what we had and we were more than okay. However, looking back, there are a few things, that I would have made life a bit more comfortable for us during the newborn stage.


9 Things That Would Have Been Nice To Have During The Newborn Stage


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A Bigger Swing


I had the Fisher-Price Take-Along Swing and it was nice. It was great for our small house. However, my baby didn’t spend much time in it and who knows, maybe she wouldn’t have spent much time in a nicer swing either.


But I have since seen a number of babies just sleeping away in their swings. These swings all swung from left to right, while ours only went front to back.


I can’t help but wonder if she would have enjoyed the Cradle And Swing better. I’ve known a number of babies who loved this. It swings in all different directions and snuggles them tighter than the take-along swing.



A Nice Bassinet


This is an area where I was trying to be super practical. I got many things that could be used in more than one area of the house for more than one reason. This is why we ended up using an On The Go Pack n Play as our bassinet.


It did work. It was a perfect fit for or small bedroom. I could drag it out into the living room easily. It had a bassinet and it was a pack n play. Very versatile and really nothing wrong with it.


However, it would have been so much easier and saved me so much headache during those sleepless nights if I would have splurged and got something nice like the Halo Bassinest Swivel Sleeper or the Beside Me Dreamer Bassinet.


The Pack n Play bassinet was a hard surface and I imagine that it wasn’t that comfortable.


It was hard to get around and get the baby out. Plus, it was difficult to clean and there was no way to put a lining on it, so when my daughter spit up in the bassinet, there wasn’t much I could do. It always stained the bottom even when I wiped it out right away.


Also, we only used it as a Pack N Play a handful of times.


Whereas one of the above-mentioned sleepers would have allowed her to safely sleep right next to me without any extra hassle. It would have been easier for me to get in and out of bed and easier to get her out to feed her. Plus, they take up minimal space.



One Of Those Snuggle Me Things


Again we had a horrible time sleeping. You will never find me writing to you about newborn sleeping tips.


A Doc A Tot or a Snuggle Me Organic is definitely a luxury in my book, but I always think babies look so cozy sleeping in these things. I know there is some debate about whether or not these are safe.


Personally, I would have loved to have had one for nap times. We were never a co-sleeping family, but I know some parents use it for that.


I would have loved to use it for those times when I needed to lay her down but still wanted to be near. This would have given my arms a break and she would have felt like she was still being snuggled.



A More Comfortable Rocking Chair


As a first time breastfeeding mama, I spent a lot of time in our rocking chair, A LOT of time.


It was not at all comfortable. I was always torn because it was a hand me down and has a lot of sentimental value. If I could ever get past that, I would have bought something more comfortable that rocked easier and that allowed me to reach the floor better. (I’m not very tall).


It’s hard for me to recommend a specific one here but at least get yourself a glider with all the extra padding and a footstall that helps you rock, and allows you to put your feet up. My mom has one like this at her house and it is very comfortable!



A Zip Up Swaddle


My baby took lessons from Hudiani and could bust out of any swaddle, even the ones that velcroed across her chest.


What I didn’t even know existed until later are zip-up swaddles. If I would have known this I would have tried the Swaddle Me Pods. These are so much easier to use and would have been sure to keep her arms in, keeping her from waking herself up.



A Hand Breast Pump


I found out about a hand breast pump really far into my breastfeeding/pumping journey.


A hand breast pump won’t work that great in the first month of breastfeeding. However, once your milk is established, pumping on the go is much easier with a hand pump.


I lugged an electric pump with me to work every day and traveled with it for months before I learned about a hand pump from another mom, while we were on a work trip.


It was taking me 20 to 30 minutes to pump while she was in and out of the bathroom in under 10 minutes with two full bottles of milk.


She shared with me that her secret was a hand breast pump. I instantly bought one when I got home and it was a game-changer. It fit right in my purse and could be used in a pinch… like in the movie theater bathroom so you don’t explode during the movie. 😉


Seriously wish I had it sooner and if you really need anything on this list, this is it.




More Zip Up Pajamas


I quickly caught on to the fact that I really only needed zip-up pajamas. Everything else just made our lives more difficult. Changing diapers in the middle of the night is much easier when the baby is wearing zip-up pajamas.


Seriously just buy them and forget about all the other adorable outfits… they are just a pain in the butt to dress a newborn in.



Bralettes Instead Of Nursing Bras


I bought one nursing bra with a wire and wore it once… talk about uncomfortable. I ended up wearing the same nursing bra most of the time (that didn’t have a wire), or just a nursing tank top, and usually just a sports bra when I was at home.


The nursing tops were great, especially if you need to be discreet and want your belly to be covered. I would still highly recommend having a couple of nursing tanks.


Overall, nothing about your new nursing body is comfortable and I constantly did not feel that great about my appearance.


I recently heard of someone wearing bralettes when they nurse and I think this is a great idea! They are comfy, easy to maneuver when the baby is hungry, and they are pretty! I wish I would have thought of that when I was still breastfeeding.



A Sleeping Pad For The Floor


I spent more time sleeping on the floor next to the crib for the first year of my daughter’s life than I would like to admit. In my situation, it was easier to do this than have her sleep in our bed. We are just not a co-sleeping family. I got more sleep on the floor, but wish it could have been a bit more comfortable.


Months after my last nursery floor sleeping incident I saw these Throw Beds at Target and instantly thought, “with my next baby, I’m keeping one of those under the crib!”



Those are all of the things I wish I’d had with my first baby and will get the next time we have a baby. I hope all of you first-time mama’s found this helpful!


What do you wish you had, that would have made life more simple with your newborn?! Should I add it to the list?


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