Advice for Moms To Be

Offering advice for moms to be is awesome and can be a great way to communicate. Just be certain that you’re offering up advice that is helpful and not harmful!


No matter how many times you’ve been a mom, there is always something new to learn and advice to be had.  This is because literally, everything about every pregnancy is totally different. 


One pregnancy you might be craving pickles, the other ice cream. One labor might take you 2 hours, the other 14. (good gravy, let’s hope not!) 


When it comes down to advice for moms to be, there is always something important and beneficial to share. And since I have been through the birthing process a couple of different times, I have some pretty great mom tips to share!


What should I say to a mom to be?


It’s no secret that hormones are rushing through every mom to be. The closer they get to labor, the more excited and anxious that they’re going to be. 


If you’re wondering what you should say to a mom to be, my advice is to be wary of your words. Positive words are great but unsolicited advice is something to be aware of.


Tell the mom to be that they’re doing great, looking great, or are going to be a rockstar during labor. This is the type of thing that they’re needing and wanting to hear.


Save the “say goodbye to sleep” comments for another time and focus on the positive energy for now.


What do new moms need most?


One of the best things that you can actually say or suggest to moms to be is that they stock up on items that they’re actually going to need. They may be excited at the beginning of their pregnancy and they may want to buy all the cute things so let them filter through those feelings before talking to them about practicality.


And if you’ve had kids before, you know that feeling. You want to buy all the pink or blue things you can get your hand on and think that you need every baby gadget out there that they’re selling with a vengeance. 


But the truth of the matter is, all you need are diapers, wipes, bottles, onesies, and a safe place for your baby to sleep. 


Everything else is a big “maybe” in what you need for your baby and can be purchased later on down the road if that time comes. 


What should you not say to a new mom?


While I touched on this a bit earlier, new moms and moms really just want love and support. Don’t fill them full of advice that is negative or makes them feel as though they’ve just given up on their hopes, dreams, and freedoms. 


advice for moms to be


Advice for Moms To Be


When it comes to giving advice to moms to be, think about the type of advice that you’d want as a new mom. This can help bring good thoughts and vibes from you to them, and help give them useful and helpful advice and tips as well. 


  • Give Yourself Grace


Understand that there is no such thing as perfect. There will be times when your baby will cry, and you might want to just join right in with them. Do it. This is normal. 


The “normal” part of being a new mom is that your emotions are valid and are going to be all over the place. Allow yourself grace and time to adjust to your new life with your new little bundle of joy.


  • Get in one last date with your spouse


Even though this might not be about “parenting” per se, it’s still an important piece of advice to remember. Having a new baby in the house changes a lot of things and one of those things that it typically affects is the ability to go out on a date with your spouse whenever you want.


With your birth coming up quickly, carve out some time to spend alone with your spouse. Eat all the food, catch the latest flicks, have fun binging, and staying up late and just enjoy the last few moments of it just being you two. 


  • Always ask for help


Say this over and over to yourself on a daily basis. “It’s perfectly fine to ask for help.” Asking for help as a new mom doesn’t mean that you’ve failed. It means that you’re wanting others to help you in giving the best care for your child. 


Many moms out there don’t like to ask for help because they want to appear that they can do it all. Why even put yourself through that pressure? If you need a break, ask. When you want to take a nap, ask for help. If you want to have a few hours to yourself to go for a walk and read a good book, ask a friend to come over and sit with the baby while you do so.


There is nothing in any type of parenting handbook or manual out there that states that you have to do it all yourself. And if you have that type of mentality, you’re setting yourself up for a lot of grief and worry from the beginning. 


Bottom line? Enjoy being a new mom. That is truthfully the best piece of advice that I can offer.


Every day with your baby is the best day, ever. 


Cherish the time and days with your baby and remember that you’re doing a great job. As long as you’re surrounding yourself and your baby with love and good vibes, everything else is going to just fall into place. 


Do you have any other pieces of advice for moms to be? 



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