How to Make Baby’s First Christmas Extra Memorable

By its very nature, your baby’s first Christmas is a special one. But if you are wondering just how do you make your baby’s first Christmas extra memorable- I got you covered. Use this list of holiday family tradition ideas to make this holiday season a special one. 


baby's first christmas


The first year with your baby will bring many milestones and memorable moments, but few are as memorable as your baby’s first Christmas. That first Christmas as a family is a magical time that you will cherish for years to come.


Babies don’t go crazy for presents like older kids do, and they don’t need a lot at this age. That means that the holidays will be more about the experiences, the memories, and the new traditions your family begins. 


You have an opportunity (and the ability!) to spend your time, energy, and money on what really matters: making the holiday special for your little one and memorable for you!


How To Make Baby’s First Christmas Special


Make lasting memories (and beloved photos) by incorporating traditions as part of your holiday. Here are my favorite ways to make baby’s first Christmas extra memorable.


baby holding an ornament that says baby's first christmas

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Baby’s First Christmas Ornament


One of the first things you probably decorate each holiday season is your Christmas tree. Create a personalized “Baby’s First Christmas” ornament for your baby to commemorate this special holiday.


Not only will you enjoy it this year, but it will become an ornament you treasure every year.


Bonus: When your little one gets bigger, he or she will love pulling out their own “special ornament” and hanging it on the tree herself! 


Handprint Ornament


Those tiny hands change and grow faster than you realize. Preserve that short snippet of time by making a handprint ornament. You can easily find kits that turn that precious handprint and create a Christmas ornament that you can hang on your tree.


Looking back on photos of this time will bring a smile to your face. However, pulling out your little one’s tiny handprint each year will warm your heart. 


Note: if you need a gift idea for grandparents, this is a winner! 


Baby’s First Christmas Stocking


A holiday tradition for many families involves hanging up Christmas stockings. Now that your family is one member larger, it’s time to add another stocking to the mantle!

Purchase a personalized Christmas stocking for your baby with his name on it. There is a huge variety of styles and sizes to choose from, so you’ll surely find something you really love.


Holiday Pajamas


Spending Christmas morning in cozy, comfy, matching PJs is only the stuff of Christmas cards and TV commercials, right? Wrong. 


It’s a fun and simple tradition that your family will look forward to year after year. Go ahead and pull out the camera – you’ll love looking back on the years of holiday pictures (and matching pajama sets!).


Read a Christmas Eve Story


Do you envision reading “The Night Before Christmas” by the crackling fire on Christmas Eve? Well, it might be a few years before your little one can sit through a story that long, you can start reading shorter holiday stories now. 


It’s a simple tradition but one that will make your baby’s first Christmas special. 


Baby’s First Christmas Outfit 


You may spend Christmas morning in your new holiday PJs, but once your family starts heading over to your house, it’s time to dress up. Get your baby the cutest first Christmas outfit!


She’ll look adorable in all those first Christmas photos.


baby dressed in santa hat playing with presents


Visit Santa


The idea of waiting in line to put your baby on a stranger’s lap and take pictures may not appeal to every family. However, if the tradition of visiting Santa is one you want to do, you’ll get some memorable photos of your little one to enjoy (and chuckle at while you tell the story) for years to come.


Drive Around Looking at Lights


There’s something magical about driving around looking at lights. All the different displays are enthralling for both adults and kids. If your baby ends up being lulled to sleep this year, that’s ok.


Next year, she’ll look at all the pretty lights and squeal with delight!


Make Christmas Cookies


If this isn’t a tradition you already have, it will become one that you love. Your baby’s first Christmas is the perfect time to start. You can give cookies away to friends and neighbors or enjoy them as a family.


As your baby gets older, he will be able to do more every year to help make them too.


Visit Family


A baby’s first Christmas is special for other family members too! Visit extended family and, if necessary, introduce these family members to your baby. Sit back and enjoy watching new family bonds form while you soak it up and take tons of memorable photos.


Create and Send Family Christmas Cards


Sending beautiful Christmas cards with pictures of your little one (or your whole family!) is a long-standing tradition that feels very grounding and sentimental at the same time. It’s a great way to share your little one with friends and family who live far away.


Attend a Local Tree Lighting 


This wasn’t something I did as a kid, and once I started doing it as an adult, I was immediately hooked. You’ll get a magical feeling sharing it with your baby, who will find it equally magical every year in the future.


Standing outside in the chilly evening air, wrapped up in layers and drinking cups of hot chocolate while you listen to Christmas carols and wait for those lights to turn on…priceless!


Countdown to Christmas


Your baby won’t understand what an Advent calendar is this year, but just wait until you see the difference a year makes. Add an Advent calendar as part of your holiday traditions to count down until the big day.


There are lots of options to choose between, from candy Advent calendars that are only good for one year…to toy versions…to reusable fabric Advent calendars – and everything in between! We use a fabric Christmas tree version and the kids can “hang” a velcro ornament on the tree each night as we count down.


Baby’s First Christmas Gifts


There really isn’t much your baby will need in terms of toys that first Christmas, but every parent wants to get their child something. Give something your baby can use now like a hanging toy, a teether, or another small manipulative. 


Or, you can save up and purchase gear or bigger toys for your baby’s next developmental stage. Examples may include a walker, a cube toy, or something else you’ve had your eye on.


Congratulations on your new expanded family! I hope these ideas for new holiday traditions help to make your baby’s first Christmas extra special and memorable.

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