Best Gifts For A New Mom In The Hospital

What should you get as a gift for a new mom in the hospital?


If you are wondering if you should bring a gift for a new mom in the hospital the answer is a big fat YES. Everyone seems to bring the baby a new outfit but what about mom? She just did a lot of hard work. She is tired with no sleep in sight and her world has just been flipped upside down. 


These gift ideas are perfect for a new mom in the hospital and they aren’t your average run of the mill gifts. She doesn’t need another coffee mug and while flowers are a nice jester they aren’t really doing anything to help her. 


Give this new mom a thoughtful caring gift that will help her feel a little sane and will help her take care of herself because that just got a whole lot harder. 


Before buying up all the things on this page and throwing them in a basket ask yourself, what does this mom really need and make sure you aren’t buying her things that she already has. She doesn’t need a bunch of clutter, her house is already exploding with baby gear. 


Here are 12 gift ideas for new moms that you can buy individually or put together to make a nice gift basket. 


12 Gift Ideas For New Moms In The Hospital That They Actually Need And Want


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If you are going to make it a gift basket, get a nice basket that she can use around her house. Here is a great option. This would be perfect for organizing diapers. 


You could also put all of your gifts in a nice gift bag as well. 




Nice Water Bottle


A lot of moms may already have a really nice water bottle or cup, but if they don’t this is a great gift. Make sure it’s large and will stay cold for a long period of time. 


If mom is going to be attempting breastfeeding this is an especially important gift. Most breastfeeding moms express that they can never get enough water. 


Do her a favor and make sure she can always have some nice cold water nearby. 





Hers and His Favorite Snacks


Be sure to put her favorite snack in the gift basket. She will want to have snacks and won’t want to be eating hospital food all the time. Plus, she probably hasn’t eaten anything in hours. 


And don’t forget the dad! He needs snacks too. 


My sister in law recently had a baby. We packed her favorite snack, her husband’s favorite snack, and some Kind Bars for the two of them. 


We also added the oatmeal bars that I am about to mention and they quickly became one of her favorite things to eat. 


These Oatmeal Bars


When I was a first-time mom I came across these oatmeal squares by Nature Valley in the grocery store. It might have been in my head but I’m pretty sure they helped my milk supply as a breastfeeding mom. I love the cinnamon and brown sugar ones. They are seriously delicious. 




If your new mom is a bit more health-conscious here is a great plant-based protein bar option by Orgain. 




A Devotional For Moms


If your new mom is a Christian or you are a Christian and looking for a way to be a loving witness to your friend a devotional for moms is a great idea. 


I personally love this beautiful devotion for moms by the Well-Watered Women Company. 


I recently bought this for a gift and wish I would have taken a picture so that you could see how beautiful this is. Plus, the information is Biblically sound. You can use the link above to check it out for yourself. 


These verse cards for mama’s by the same company also make a great individual gift or can be bundled with the Bible study. 


Face Wipes


Your friend is about to feel stuck to a hospital bed, her own bed, and a rocking chair for a while. The luxury of getting to wash your face isn’t always available. Give her some luxury face wipes before she starts washing her face with a baby wipe. 






Again, this is another item just to help mama feel a bit more put together. Get her something nice, not something you grabbed from the grocery store checkout line. 


Plus, keep your friend and who she is in mind. Does she want something clear? Would she want it to be glossy? Would she prefer a little color? 


Here are a couple of different options: 




Comfy Pants


I think it goes without saying that new moms are a bit uncomfortable for a few weeks and maybe even months. Get them some cute but comfy pants they can wear around the house and might even feel comfortable going out in. These joggers are my favorite plus they are perfect for wearing in a cold hospital. 




A Nice Hair Scrunchy 


The scrunchy will be much needed a little down the road when this mom starts to experience postpartum hair loss. Scrunchies are great at not pulling at your hair and when you are losing your hair you start to become very aware of all the ponytail holders that aid in pulling out your hair. 


Here is a great scrunchy option. Plus, you never know if they forgot something to keep their hair pulled back while they learn how to navigate breastfeeding. 







Bring a meal to the hospital so that the new parents don’t have to eat from the cafeteria. Plus, for some reason, new parents tend to forget to eat. 


Chipotle or Panera make great healthier options that fill them up and provide them with some good food to energize them. 


Food is always a good idea after a new baby arrives. If you don’t bring them food in the hospital a home-cooked meal dropped off at their house or even a Grubhub gift card will mean a lot and be a huge help to new parents. 


A KeepSake Necklace


If this new mom likes sentimental keepsake items and likes to wear jewelry, a “Mama” necklace would be perfect for her. Something special just for her. 




Temperature Control Smart Mug


If you feel like splurging and going all out these temperature control mugs are perfect for moms who are coffee or tea drinkers. The luxury of always having warm coffee vanishes when you become a mom. To avoid having to constantly reheat their beverage in the microwave they can use one of these super nice mugs instead. 


If this seems like a bit much you can keep this idea in mind. It would make a perfect Christmas gift for a new mom. 


I would like to add, please don’t get them just another coffee mug. Unless they have a collection and absolute adore have 25 coffee mugs, skip the average coffee mug and save them the cabinet space. 




I hope you found at least one of these gift ideas helpful. Remember the most important thing you can give a new mom is a listening ear and your friendship. Check-in on her often and let her know she is not alone. 


Gifts For A New Mom In The Hospital


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