Celebrate Easter With No Chocolate

Easter is a difficult time of year when you’re trying to avoid chocolate, especially when there are kids in the picture as well. But I’m here to tell you that it can be done. Whether your reason for doing it be for your health or for the environment here are some tips on celebrating Easter without chocolate.



Explain it to the Kids


Kids today are a lot more savvy about the impact we have on our planet so no matter what their age is, you can use Easter as an opportunity to explain some of the harms that chocolate has.


Though do make it age-appropriate. Younger kids aren’t ready for the truths of child labor. If your reason is an allergy or for other health reasons then let your kids know that too.


Offer Alternatives


If you aren’t going to have chocolate in the house it is important to offer yourself, your family, and your guests’ alternatives.


I’m not suggesting you go out and buy a lot of candy. In fact, you can have Easter without any candy at all.


Instead have healthier alternatives, make your own granola, bake a carrot cake, the sky is the limit. You can even get your kids and guests involved in the creation process if you like. That will get them something fun to do and something to look forward to at the end of the day.


For dessert offer fruit-based treats that will make your family and guests forget that they’ve not had any chocolate.


Give Gifts not Chocolate


The biggest trap you can fall into when it comes to chocolate at Easter time is in putting together baskets.


First, unless you know exactly what you’re getting you shouldn’t buy a premade Easter basket. They’re often filled with all of the cheapest and worst things you can think of.


There are tons of fantastic sweets that kids can have that don’t involve chocolate. Head down to your local health or natural food store to see what they have on offer.


You can also fill up the basket with gifts.


It could be an Easter themed book, Easter themed socks or even bags of orange play dough shaped liked carrots. If you still want to include something they can eat then put in a jar of everything they need to make sugar cookies and include with it a couple of cookie cutters with an Easter theme.


Stuffed animals are also a fantastic addition to an Easter basket.


Easter also falls at a fantastic time of year for planting so you can toss in a package of flower seeds or even buy a few strawberry plants to include in the basket.


Finally, there is a tradition I’ve heard some families have where the Easter bunny always brings one fun outdoor activity for the family to enjoy together. This might be a lawn game, a family size floatie for the lake, or even just a frisbee.


Something that will get the family outside together during the gorgeous Spring and Summer weather and have a bonding experience that all ages will love.

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