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Diapers & Destin – A Guide To Organizing Your Diaper Changing Station

Being a mom, in general, can be overwhelming but being a first-time mom, overwhelming might be an understatement! Something so simple can seem so complicated. Things like how to organize your changing table!


Here is a quick guide to how I have organized my diaper station. I’ve included some tips and what to keep nearby.

diaper changing station

What you’ll need for your changing table:

  • A changing table
  • Storage of some sort
  • Wipes
  • And of course, Diapers!

What you’re going to want:

  • A basket
  • A trash can or Diaper Genie (Definitely recommend the Genie!)
  • Hand sanitizer
  • Desitin or your butt cream of choice
  • Lotion
  • Burp Cloths

Where to place all of your diaper changing supplies:

  • Keep it simple! Obviously, you’ll have your diaper station against a wall. 
  • Then I recommend keeping your storage on one side of the changing table and your Diaper Genie on the other side.

How To Store Diapers and Other Supplies:

  • Top drawer: Great for keeping items handy that you don’t always need but will occasionally use, such as Desitin, and Lotion.
  • In my top drawer, I also have a thermometer, Aquaphor, and baby powder.
  • Drawer 2: This is where I keep the wipes and all our manuals from the stroller, crib, Boba wrap, etc. Use this drawer for whatever works best for you.  This may also be dependent on what type of storage you’ve chosen.
  • Drawers 3-5: Diapers! I open the packages and place the diapers in the drawers.
  • Up on Top: On top of my storage container, I have a small basket full of diapers for quick access. Then as the basket empties the diapers are below in the drawers making it super easy to refill when needed.  I’ve also got a wipe warmer on top. It’s so convenient!
  • Keep your hand sanitizer somewhere up top also!
  • Our changing table has 2 drawers below.  In one of these drawers, I store burp rags.  My baby always seems to spit up when I lay her down to change her. This would also be a fantastic spot to store extra changing table sheets as well.

Pro Tip: Keep your laundry hamper nearby!

diaper changing organization

Do you have any items that you find you like to keep nearby when you’re changing your cute poop monster?

These have worked really well for us in our home and I hope they make your life a little simpler as well. For more helpful tips and tricks click here.

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