40 Delightful Baby Stocking Stuffer Ideas for Christmas

Christmas is just around the corner already. If it’s your baby’s first Christmas, you’re probably looking for baby stocking stuffer ideas to fill their day with joy!



But what if it’s not your baby’s first Christmas? Don’t worry, this list of stocking stuffer ideas is loaded with affordable options you can gift to any baby this Holiday season.



Why stocking stuffers?



Stocking stuffers are a great way to gift something inexpensive, but also fun for baby without having to get some huge toy they may have no interest in or clothing they outgrow within one month.



After having been through a speech delay with my first baby boy, I’ve also just come to learn that sometimes the best toys for our kiddos are the most simple ones. They provide fun, comfort, and great ways for us to be engaged and help them learn new things.



For instance, a simple toy block could have tons of play options such as stacking, identifying the colors of the block, counting, pushing, and much much more!



If you’re already getting some ideas, check out the entire list below & don’t forget to drop a comment sharing what stocking stuffer ideas you have for your baby this Christmas!


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Stocking Stuffer Ideas For Baby’s First Christmas



Baby’s first Christmas is a huge milestone for those who celebrate the holiday.



But…what in the world do you put in a stocking for a young baby?? Well…here’s what.
























Christmas Stocking Stuffers For Baby Girl


Being a boy mom myself, I was always so unsure what to get my friend’s or relative’s baby girls for Christmas.



Over the years, there’s been a few small stocking-stuffer sized gifts that always seem to be a hit.



If you need some Christmas stocking stuffers for a baby girl in your family, I asked some of my family what their baby girl’s FAVORITE stocking stuffers (or small toys) are and this is what they said.























Christmas Stocking Stuffers For Baby Boy


Baby boy stocking stuffers are my jam — after all, I am a boy mama!



These are the BEST toys & gifts to hide in your little guy’s Christmas stocking. I promise he will light up with joy & excitement to see any of these gifts.
























Stocking Stuffers For Infants Older Than 6 Months


Finding stocking stuffer ideas for your baby if they’re under 6 months of age SHOULD be somewhat easy.



This is because they truly aren’t picky at this age about what toys they do or don’t get.



Young babies are simply happy exploring the movement of your eyes & lips, the colors outside or even their reflection in the mirror.



So…what can you gift to an older baby?
























When it comes to babies, they’re pretty easy to please. The most important part about gifting any kind of toy to baby would be to make sure you’re meeting them developmentally where they’re at.



That means if a baby is barely learning how to crawl, getting them a toy that is for walking may not be very useful for them right now.



You also want to consider baby’s clothing size. If it’s October and the baby is 7 months old, that means by Christmas baby will be reaching 9 months of age. Being extra careful to pick out clothing that actually fits will have both parents grateful you took those small details into account.



There you have it, over 40 stocking stuffer ideas for baby! What kind of stocking stuffers do you plan to get this year for your baby?


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