10 Tips for Giving Your Newborn a Bath

Bath time! Something so simple suddenly becomes so scary when you’re a first-time mom bathing your newborn for the first time.


Make sure you are only sponge bathing your newborn until their umbilical cord falls off. The umbilical cord falling off means your baby is ready for their first official bath!


Some mommas choose to wash in the sink and others the tub.  I wash my little one in the tub and this is how I make things a little easier.


WARNING: Baby may potty at any point in this process, so look out!



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Tip 1: Be prepared with everything you might need.


Everything you need:


First I recommend putting the baby tub in your tub, I mean… I don’t know where else you would want water splashing all over the place. I also find it helpful to have a knee pad (a folded up towel will do just fine.)


Tip 2: Check water temperature by using your wrist.


A newborn’s skin is going to be more sensitive, so you want to be sure the water is not too hot. Checking the water temperature on your wrist will be similar to what your baby will feel.


Every baby is different and may like their water lukewarm or room temperature and other babies prefer their water a little warmer. Somewhere around 90 degrees is where you will want the temperature to be.


Tip 3: Pour the baby body wash in the tub like a bubble bath.


The last thing you want to try to figure out is how to hold your baby, grab the soap, put soap on a washcloth, and then start washing.


Having the water already soapy and ready to go just makes bath time a little simpler.


Don’t forget to wash behind their ears!


When choosing your baby’s body wash, make sure to get one that does not have any perfumes. Perfumes can irritate their sensitive skin.


Tip 4: Actually get in the tub with your little one.


I place the baby tub under the faucet where I can easily fill it with water.


Then I will get in the tub behind the baby tub with my knee pad.


It’s so much easier than leaning over the side of the tub. I feel like I have more control of my slippery wiggle worm.


You want to easily be able to support their neck and be able to flip them over and get their cute little baby booty clean.


Tip 5: How To Support Your Baby When Washing Their Back


Place your arm underneath your baby so her head rests on the side of your arm and their entire body is also supported by your arm when flipping them over to wash their backside.


Tip 6: Wash your baby from top to bottom.


Make sure to start with a warm non-soapy washcloth on your baby’s face to avoid getting soap in their eyes.


Then after washing their face you can dip the washcloth in the water and start getting that baby squeaky clean!


Remember to start with their face and end with their toes.


Tip 7:  Use a baby brush to wash their hair.


Finally, finish up with your baby’s hair (if they have any)!


This method is gentler on your baby’s scalp than using your fingernails. Use the baby brush in a small circular motion.


This will also help with cradle cap.


Tip 8: Use a cup with non-soapy water to rinse your baby off.


Getting baby out of the tub can be a little tricky! Most babies enjoy being in the tub and hate getting out!


This is because they are going from being warm and relaxed to suddenly being lifted up and out into the cold air!


How would you like being unexpectedly yanked from your steamy hot shower into a cold room? Be nice to your baby and get them wrapped up in that towel as quickly as possible!


Tip 9: Have the baby’s towel ready.


If you have someone helping you get baby out of the tub, have them heat the baby towel up in the dryer while you’re washing and then bring it into you when you’re finished up.


If you’re doing this solo, go you! This is not an easy one-person task, especially the first few times.  Have the towel ready to go; I use an angled sleeper.


I keep it on the bathroom floor with the towel laid open ready to place baby in.  Then you can quickly wrap up your tiny human, and quickly dry yourself off.


Next, I normally carry my baby to her changing table where I have her jammies laid out and ready to go.


Tip 10: Dry your baby really well.


You don’t want the water to sit in those cute, chubby thighs.


This is why I use baby powder. I can easily and quickly dry my baby off.


Always put the powder in your hand first away from the baby, so that she doesn’t inhale the dust cloud that baby powder creates. Also, don’t use baby powder near their face.


Then before putting my baby in her jammies, I give her a baby massage for total relaxation! Even babies like getting pampered.

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