How To Be More Productive During Nap Time

Don’t Waste Nap Time!


Imagine this…I’m sure you can because this is probably you.


It’s time for your little one to take a nap and you have a ton of things to accomplish in a short amount of time.


To set yourself up for success you must plan this strategy out to achieve some accomplishment. It has taken me a long time to get my routine down to optimize my time.


Being a first time Mama and having a ton on my plate was a lot!  It does get better when you have a routine.


Keep in mind that things will constantly change as you find out what works and doesn’t work for your family. Don’t stress the small stuff!


Tips For Making Being More Productive During Nap Time


The big moment is here and my little one is sleep. What will I do?


I have a list of things that need to be done since YESTERDAY.  Who am I kidding, I am a couple of days behind on my to-do list.  Since I’m a first time Mama, I knew that a new routine needed to take place ASAP.


But, I didn’t know how to create one.  I was lost.  I had to do some research and ask questions.  How did other Mom’s keep everything together?  How did they function?


I can barely remember to eat breakfast and lunch.  My mind was always racing with things that I needed to do so sometimes I couldn’t finish a task from start to end.  Other times, I just wanted to relax.


I’ve learned that to optimize your time, you must be disciplined.  It’s important to not get distracted while you have this opportunity to get some work done or if you want to pamper yourself!


productive during nap time


Get Straight To Work


I glance over my list and see what must be done immediately. This is the time when I will film a video for my social media.  I want to get this done first while my house is quiet.  I can knock out two videos and feel accomplished.


Next, I am checking my phone or notepad for the list that I’ve written the previous day to see what else I can get accomplished.


Use A Timer


This is also the perfect time to tidy up the house.  I use an app that helps me keep on schedule when I need to get things done.  I will set a timer for 25 mins and speed clean.


By setting my timer, it gives me no time to sit down for a few or scroll thru my phone.  I am concentrating for 25 minutes on cleaning the kitchen.  My only break is when the timer goes off for 5 mins.


mom doing dishes


Then I am back doing another task for the next 25 minutes.  This makes me feel like I am completing something off my list in an efficient way.  I get things done faster this way.


I can mark that task off my list. Complete!  When you speed clean during the day, it will be less for you to tidy up at night. That means you will have more time for yourself at night!


We need our downtime.  Isn’t that right, Mama’s?


Plan In Advance


Don’t be afraid to plan how you want your week to go. If you want to take it a step further, plan your month.


Make a day when you want to have a spa day at home.  This is perfect to do at nighttime.


mom meal prepping during nap time

Meal Prepping Saves Time


Can you guess what saved me tons of time throughout the week?  Meal prepping.  Yes, that was key for my family.  I would think about what meals we will eat for the week.  By doing this, we already know the answer to the dreadful question, “What’s for dinner?”


The more slow cooker recipes you can find, the better!   Chop your veggies ahead of time for the week.  That will save you some time because it’s tedious for me to do.


Schedule Out Your Month


My next goal is to plan out my schedule for a month.  Think about it, if you have your cleaning schedule, work time and meal ideas already scheduled then it’s less work you have to think about.


You Can Do It Mama


It’s been helpful to optimize my time by setting an alarm to get my to-do list accomplished and to plan out my meals for the week.


I became less stressful once I had my routine down.


If you’re a new Mommy or you’re trying to figure out what to do, try doing the things I mentioned.  It should help you optimize your time while your little one is taking a nap.


Please remember to enjoy your time.


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