How To Survive The First Week With A Newborn

Being a new mom is great. It’s awesome. But to be honest, it’s also overwhelming, tiring, and a tad bit crazy.


No matter how much you prepare, the first seven days after giving birth are going to feel like a whirlwind of…chaos. If you’re wondering how to survive the first week with a newborn, buckle up dear friend.


While it’s going to be a bumpy ride, it’s one that I’d take over and over again.


What is the first week with a newborn like?


Every experience is going to be different. Some moms will recount their first week with their newborn as an absolute dream while others will remember nothing due to lack of sleep and sanity.


My first week with a newborn was full of mixed emotions. I felt in awe of the fact that my tummy was no longer holding a baby but my arms suddenly were and I couldn’t quite grasp the fact that I was fully responsible for this precious and beautiful bundle of joy.


But the biggest thing that I remember about the first week with a newborn? Even those moments in time seemed to fly by in the blink of an eye. No matter how much I wanted to savor every moment, I look back now and remember just a few bits and pieces of those days.


How much do newborns sleep in the first week?


A lot. Like, literally a ton. Newborns sleep anywhere from 15+ hours per day during their first week of life. If they were baby bears, they’d literally almost be hibernating.


But don’t worry. While they’re sleeping, you’re going to want to sleep too. (or if you’re like me and sometimes not make the smartest decisions, you might use that time instead to read all the Twilight books in order instead of catching up on your rest)


What should I expect from my first night with a newborn?


Breaking it down even further and talking about your first night with a newborn is important to be prepared as well.


My first night with our newborn baby girl was a whirlwind of emotion! I wanted to miss NOTHING but literally felt as though I couldn’t keep my eyes open for ANYTHING.


Don’t put a ton of pressure on yourself to make your first night with your newborn perfect. Rest up so that you can make the next few nights be just as you want them to be.


first week with a newborn


How To Survive The First Week With A Newborn


Surviving your first week with a newborn isn’t actually hard but it does take a certain mind frame to overcome.


From my own personal experience, I’ve gathered up a list of first time mom tips that I’m beyond excited to share with you. These tips worked for me during the first week of having a baby and I’m almost certain that they’re going to be of some help to you as well.


Remind yourself that you’re new at this


Newborns aren’t easy! This is why being a parent literally isn’t for everyone. But you know what is easy? Loving your newborn and loving yourself for doing your very best.


Tell yourself that this is new to you just like being a newborn baby into this world is new to your child. It’s understandable that all they want to do is eat, sleep, and cry because they’ve been couped up in a very tiny space for the past 9 months.


Allow yourself some grace and show yourself some love. You’re doing the best that you can for your child during this time and that is all that truly matters.


Fuel your body and your brain


Giving birth might make you want to ramp up and lose the baby weight, but the first week after having your baby isn’t time.  You need to be drinking a ton of water, eating healthy foods, and trying to make as much breast milk as you possibly can.


Get ready, your baby is going to be hungry so be ready to be feeding all the time!


Keep baby necessities in every single room


Save yourself steps and time. Buy a duplicate of everything and keep them in all the rooms throughout the house. Double the diapers, double the wipes, double the onesies, and double the baby butt cream and have multiples in all the rooms everywhere in your home.


This will save you steps, save you time, and keep your newborn baby happy as a lark, too.


Put away the social media


Mom comparison is a real thing. Unless you’re sharing photos with your family and friends of your newborn bundle of joy, stay off social media and stay clear of other moms for the first week after giving birth.


You don’t want to fall prey to comparing your baby or your methods to all the other babies and methods in the world. Trust me, it happens.  (I still don’t know how my friends got their newborn baby to sleep through the night from literally the moment she was born!)


The biggest piece of advice that I have on how to survive the first week with a newborn is to truly focus on your own self-care. Your baby needs a happy and healthy mama and you hold the key to making that happen.


Everything else will fall into place. Trust me. 


So enjoy this time mamas. Your baby is only a newborn once and these few days are precious. Savor in every moment, breathe in all those newborn smells, and take every smile (or gassy toot giggle) that you can get.


These are moments that you’ll literally cherish for the rest of your life. 


Do you have any other tips on how to survive the first week with a newborn?

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