Increase Breastmilk Supply With This Quick And Easy Breakfast Smoothie

As a mom of a new little one, it can be a challenge to make sure you are taking the time to feed yourself properly. However, it is vitally important that you have a fantastic start to your day. If you don’t, you will not have enough energy to get through the day. A smoothie has become my go-to breakfast as a pregnant mom. I have been perfecting this recipe with the goal of increasing my breastmilk supply when the new baby comes. 


With my first daughter, I was extremely sleep deprived. I chose sleeping over eating. I had a full time, work from home, teaching job, and also chose to get work done over eating the right foods. Neglecting proper nutrition was the last thing I should have been doing and I learned my lesson the hard way. 


I was always sluggish and my milk supply struggled. I’m determined that things will be different with baby number two. I have no other choice. I NEED to make sure I have the energy to put into my children, my husband, and day to day life. 


Since I learned my lesson the first time around, I have been researching easy ways to get in my nutrition and take care of my milk supply from the beginning. Enter the smoothie! I have perfected this recipe and I think you are going to love it. 


breakfast smoothie for milk supply

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Essential Nutrients For Energy and Breastmilk Supply 


To start off your morning right you need to make sure you have each of the following in whatever you are going to eat for breakfast. 


  • protein
  • complex carbs 
  • healthy fats
  • fruits/veggies


These 4 things will not only provide you with sustainable energy, but they will also help you with your milk supply


Best Breakfast Smoothie Ingredients 


easy breaskfast smoothie for new moms


Here is everything you need to make your smoothie: 


  • handful of spinach
  • handful of frozen berries of choice
  • half a banana (frozen is my favorite way to go but either works)
  • 1 spoon full of peanut butter
  • 3 spoonfuls of raw oats
  • 1 scoop vanilla protein powder
  • 1 scoop Amazing Greens powder 
  • almond milk (how much ever I feel like pouring in)


Smoothie Tips and Tricks


I toss all the ingredients in my cheap Hamilton Beach blender, blend it up and drink it up. 


If you need an extra boost in the milk supply department you can try adding some Brewers Yeast to the smoothie as well. 


Change up the ingredients to fit your needs and taste. The almond milk can be replaced by any type of milk or even water. The Peanut butter can be substituted for any nut butter of your choice. Also, used which protein powder you like. I personally think it’s better with vanilla and like to used a plant-based protein because I know the ingredients are all really clean. 


Frozen bananas will give your smoothie that extra creamy texture, which in my opinion makes it feel more like a treat than an extra healthy breakfast. 




What Is Your Favorite Go-To Breast While You Are Pregnant Or Breastfeeding?


I’d love to know your favorite smoothie recipe or any other quick breakfast ideas that you have.


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