Kids Daily Routine Chart – Teach You Child To Get Ready By Themselves

Kids need routine. They function better when they know what’s going on and you benefit from this as well. From a young age, you can start building simple routines into their day that make their day more predictable and help them be more cooperative. Let me show you how you can use this simple daily routine chart to help your kids get ready for the day and get ready for bed. 


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How To Use A Daily Routine Chart With Your Kids


If you want to skip all of the helpful tips and go straight to getting your routine chart, just scroll to the bottom. You won’t miss it. 


Make The Chart Reusable


Print off your chart (at the bottom) and make it reusable. You can laminate it or put it in a page protector. I use this self-laminating machine


You can use a dry erase marker to have your child mark off each task once it is done.


Tip: don’t leave the dry eraser marker on there too long, it will be hard to get it off, especially on a page protector. 


You can also have the child place a small object in each checkbox as they finish.


For example, as each task is finished have your child put a cheerio in the checkbox. When the whole routine is done, they can eat the cheerios. 



Make It Easy To Access


Keep the routine card in the same spot each day. Your child needs to be able to see it and reach it easily. 


You could keep it on the refrigerator or use a hole punch to put a hole in the top and hang it from a command hook somewhere in your child’s room. You could also do something similar with velcro.


Help Them Through It Several Times


You will not be able to hand your kid this printout and expect them to just start doing it. Kids need to practice expectations. 


Practicing expectations goes a long way in helping kids of any age respect their authority and does wonders for taming toddler tantrums


You will need to walk them through their routine chart several days in a row. Show them how to do each step, how to go from one to the next, and how to check it off for themselves. 


Be Consistent


This seems like it should be easy but this is the hard part for me. It’s important to do this routine and have them use the sheet everyday. 



Start Giving Them More Control


Eventually, you can start loosening the reigns a bit and start having them do pieces on their own. You may need to remind them to start the routine and encourage them to keep working through it until they are done. 


There may also be a task or two that they struggle with and still need your help with. This includes those that they just don’t like doing. Keep encouraging them to do it anyway and lend them a helping hand until they feel more positive about it and see that they still have to do it every day, even if it is not their favorite thing to do. 


For us this is making the bed. When my daughter starts grumbling about making the bed I help her do it for a few days in a row and then she gets back to doing it on her own. 


Practice Together As Needed


A child may do everything on their list perfectly with no complaints one day and really struggle to get through the routine the next day. 


If they are not meeting your expectations with their routine be sure to spend a couple of days going through it with them again. 


Eventually, it will become second nature to them and they won’t need your help. 


I hope this helps you and your little ones get ready for the day and ready for bed with more ease. You can grab a copy of the routine chart below. 


>> Get Your Kids Daily Routine Chart Here <<


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