Little Girl Nursery Makeover On A Budget

With a new little one on the way, it was time for a little girl nursery makeover on a budget. A lot of steps went into getting this nursery ready. Now it is the perfect little space for the newest addition to our family. Learn how we took our dark workout room and transformed it into the perfect whimsical nursery. 


The most exciting part of the little girl nursery makeover was that I had some awesome help! There were a lot of helpers along the way but none of it could have been done without the designer who just so happened to my Aunt! 


I’m not the type to normally have a designer but my Aunt Leslie, who has an amazing home decor Youtube channel, so graciously designed the room for me. She and my uncle did most of the work themselves. Make sure you watch the big reveal video to see all of the details of the makeover. 


5 Steps To The Perfect Little Girl Nursery


little girl nursery

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Declutter and Clear Out The Room


If you are like us, the room you need to use as the nursery has had a different purpose for the past several years. It’s time to determine what you really want the room to be used for and make it nothing but that. 


We were using our extra bedroom as the workout room/office supply room. The room was full of weight equipment and the closet was full of preschool crafts and office supplies. 


It’s very tempting to think about how the baby won’t use all of the space for a while so it would be okay to leave some things in there. I highly recommend not doing this. I did this with our first daughter’s closet and then spent the next few years trying to get our stuff out of there and it was never convenient. 


Get the room decluttered and reorganized before your baby arrives. Make it functional for your child. 


It will be necessary to get rid of a bunch of things unless you have a lot of extra space in your house. I promise there are many things you’ve been storing in that extra room that you don’t use and this is the perfect time to purge them from your house. 


Make A List Of What You Need In The Nursery


Sit down and think about all of the things you actually NEED for your baby. Baby’s don’t really need as much as we are lead to believe. 


What do you need to get for the nursery that you don’t already have and that you won’t be putting on a baby shower registry


Since we are preparing for baby #2, we already had a lot of things saved from our first baby. Our list of “needs” was a lot smaller than it was with the first baby. 


Feel free to download these checklists of all the essentials you need before and after baby. 


preparing for baby checklists


Go Shopping For Nursery Essentials


Now that you have your list it’s time to go shopping. If you are on a budget, places like Facebook Market Place and Goodwill are great for finding pieces of furniture that you may need. As you will see in the video, you can always makeover a piece of furniture to make it be more of what you really want it to be. 


Now would also be the time to look for any design elements that you want. What kind of bedding, blankets, wall decor, and organization systems are you wanting? Do you need to buy paint or will you leave the room the same color? 


Painting The Nursery, DIY’s, Design


Before you move anything into the nursery you will want to get it painted, think about the design, and hang the window coverings. 


Now, you don’t have to paint the nursery. It’s perfectly okay to leave it the same color as the house. If I would have been doing the room on my own, I would have left the color. But since I was getting spoiled, the room got painted and I love the way it turned out. 


You will see in the video that the dresser and crib also got painted. We already had both furniture pieces. Painting the room and furniture made such a huge difference in the way the room turned out. Be sure to watch the video for what it looked like before. 


dresser makeover for little girl nursery


Put It All Together


Lastly, you will get the room all put together and add any last-minute touches. I suggest getting it as ready as you possibly can. It may seem like it’s going to be a while before the baby needs the nursery but it gets harder to get things done in your 3rd trimester and when the baby is here there will feel like there is no time at all. 


Little Girl Nursery Makeover – The Big Reveal


Here is how it was all done and how it turned out. 




Nursery Details


Wall color: Antique Rose by Magnolia Homes


** Budget tip: paint can go a long way in giving a room a facelift but if you need to save some money then just keep your room how it is. 


Rocking Chair: Target


Book Shelves, plant, hanging shelf, rug, and small baskets: Ikea


nursery book shelves


Dresser: the dresser was given to us for free and originally use in big sister’s room. It was painted with chalk paint in the color shiplap by Magnolia Homes


Crib: hand me down from big sister. It was originally dark wood. It was painted with chalk paint in the color shiplap by Magnolia Homes. 


** Budget Tip: find your furniture used. You can find good sturdy pieces and paint them however you want!


Bedding, stuffed animals, basket, wall stickers, and mobile: Buy Buy Baby


** Budget tip: if you have more than one child it’s totally okay to keep their bedding and use it again. Also, babies can only sleep with sheets, so sheets are all you really need. 


Wall Decor: Hobby Lobby


** Budget tip: never feel pressured to have a Pinterest worthy nursery. If wall decor isn’t in the budget then you can do without it. Baby needs your love more than need cute animals on the wall. Also, keep in my that they may be in this room for a while. It will save you money in the long run if you go with decor that can be used for years down the road. 


What Is Your Favorite Part Of This Little Girl Nursery?

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