Maximize A Small Nursery Closet With These Tips

Do you have a small nursery closet?

I think I may have one of THE smallest closets for my daughter.

She is the first grandchild on both sides of the family so to say she is spoiled would be an understatement! This girl received so many clothes and we didn’t even put clothes on the registry!

We are so blessed to have received all the great gifts and adorable clothes, so I’m not complaining.

I did, however, have to get a little creative when it came to making everything fit. Our nursery itself isn’t large either.


My existing closet space already had two bars for hanging clothes and two shelves.

In addition, I bought:

First Things First – Sort All Clothing By Size

Go ahead and go through everything you have and only keep out what truly fits your newborn.

Now, babies grow fast! If you have the space for it… what I like to do is keep the next set of clothing easily available.

I keep everything that fits on the top bar in the closet. Everything she is quickly growing into, I keep on the bar below.

Anything not in her size or next size up goes into a large storage container.

TIP: Be sure to mark your containers with the size you are storing them in. I write on masking tape that I stick to the container rather than writing on the actual storage bin.

What’s the Shoe Organizer For?

The shoe organizer hangs on the back of the door and becomes the best place for storing sheets.

Crib sheets, changing table sheets, bassinet sheets, pack n play sheets… sheet so many sheets! Use this shoe organizer as a simple way to organize and store them.

As your baby grows out of some of these things you can use the extra slots for small blankets.

Bins and Baskets

A nursery just doesn’t seem to be complete without bins or baskets.

Bins and baskets are the best way to store the little odds and ends, like bibs, washcloths, mittens, booties, socks, hats and headbands.


Use your shelves, obviously, for sitting the bins and baskets on but also keep some space for storage.

I was shocked by how many things babies need. It is nice to have some free space to keep extras out of sight.

The top shelf of our closet is where I like to keep back up boxes of diapers among other things that we don’t need just yet.

Other Helpful Tips

TIP 1: Use fewer hangers by hanging 3 onesies per hanger. Do this with the bottom snap method, as pictured below.

TIP 2: Organize by color and style.

My Flow Chart:

  • Seasonal Clothes (Jackets or Swimwear)
  • Long sleeve jumpers
  • Long sleeve onesies
  • Long sleeve dresses
  • Long sleeve shirts
  • Short sleeve jumpers
  • Short sleeve onesies
  • Short sleeve dresses
  • Short sleeve shirts
  • Sleeveless jumpers
  • Sleeveless onesies
  • Sleeveless dresses
  • Sleeveless shirts
  • Short sleeve jammies
  • Long sleeve jammies

Wow! That’s a lot of sleeves. Try saying that 10 times fast!

NOTE: I keep all her pants in the changing table drawer.

Do you really want me to name off all the pants? Didn’t think so, let’s move on.

TIP 3: Rotate all the clothing as your baby grows. When it’s time to move out of 0-3 and into 3-6, the closet is set up for a super easy transition!

  • Take all 0-3 clothes off the hangers and into a labeled storage bin for future kiddos or in a box to donate.
  • Move the 3-6 clothes you already have hanging on the bottom bar to the top bar.
  • Get out the 6-9 clothes from the storage bin to hang on the bottom bar.

This system has worked really well for me, and it makes keeping her closet organization convenient and simple.

TIP 4: Only hold onto what you actually need.

That being said sometimes even the minimum can be quite a bit when it comes to babies. What tips do you use when it comes to storing everything your baby needs?

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