15 Cute and Clever Mom and Baby Halloween Costumes

If you’re contemplating ideas for your baby’s first Halloween, check out these mom and baby Halloween costumes. With all of these fun ideas, the hardest part may be choosing which costume you want!


It’s your baby’s first Halloween – and your first Halloween as a mom to your little bundle of joy – congratulations! What better way to celebrate it than by dressing up in a cute coordinating costume that you two can wear together? 


Whether you’re going trick or treating, handing out candy, or simply want the cute photos (no judgment!) you can join in the Halloween dress-up fun with these super cute mommy and me Halloween costumes!


mommy and baby halloween costume as super heros


Adorable Mom and Baby Halloween Costumes


First of all, you have an infant, which automatically means you just don’t have time for hours of crafting your Halloween costumes! However, if you can find just a few minutes, you can have a blast joining in on the Halloween fun with your baby. In fact, incorporating your baby into your own costume has never been easier!


Check out these clever and deceptively simple mom and baby costume ideas to help you choose your fun, easy-to-make Halloween costume this year. 


Koala Bear and Tree from Creating Really Awesome Fun Things


I love this costume! It’s a cute idea and the best part is that it comes together very quickly with safety pins. Using safety pins instead of hot glue keeps the clothing and costume versatile so it can be used in different creative ways next year!


mom dressed as a tree and baby dressed as a Koala


DIY Family Monster Costumes from Tell Love and Party


Get the full tutorials on how to create Frankenstein, Bride of Frankenstein, kid mummy, and baby bat costumes. These are a hoot and much easier to pull off than you might think!


Family dressed as Frankenstein, Bride of Frankenstein, kid mummy and baby bat


Mother Daughter Mermaids from A Beautiful Mess


This mommy and me costume will take a little more work to put together, but it’s completely worth it if you like mermaids. I can’t get over how adorable that baby costume is.


Mom holding baby daughter, both are dressed as mermaids


Princess Leia and Yoda from Cara Loren


If you love Star Wars, this idea is a must! I just love that little Yoda costume, and throwing together a Leia costume is simple. If you have long hair, you can just tie up your hair, but you can also find wigs if you need one (I’ve used one myself!).


Star Wars family costumes


Robber With Bag of Money from Domestic Imperfection


This mom and me costume idea is so clever. And, I’m impressed with just how amazing it looks while only taking a very short time to pull together. A pillowcase and some felt dollar bills become the bag of money for your baby to wear, and all you need is some black clothing with a quick black felt (or cloth) eye mask.


Mom dressed as a robber holding her baby dressed as a bag of money


The Flinstones Family Costume from Pretty Passive


Cheap? Check. Easy? Check. Reusable? Check!


As someone who grew up watching the Flinstones, this costume calls to me. All that you need for this costume are a few t-shirts, some felt, some fabric glue, and some ping pong balls. Yabbadabbadoo!


a couple and their baby dressed as the Flinstones


Milk and Cookies Costume from HGTV


Mom and baby go together like milk and cookies. Why not show it off at Halloween? These budget-friendly costumes use basic, everyday supplies you probably already have at home. 


Mom with her toddler dressed as milk and cookies


Bubble Bath Costume from Studio DIY


My favorite costumes are the ones that take people into ordinary objects that you wouldn’t normally think of. A terrific example is this bubble bath mom and baby costume. Who knew a foam cooler could turn into a bathtub? Genius!


Mom and her baby dressed as a bubble bath and loofah


Baker and Cupcake Costume from Byrdie Girl


This easy peasy costume idea is adorable and perfect for any babywearing mama. Plus, it’s completely adaptable if you want to change the color scheme or the decorations! If you love to bake, this costume couldn’t be any more fitting.


Mom and her baby dressed as a baker and a cupcake


Incredibles from Fresh Mommy Blog


If you have seen the movie The Incredibles, you know just how cool and fun this costume idea is. Make it for the adults and your little Jack-Jack or include the whole family if you have more than one kiddo. It’s completely adaptable based on the size of your family!


Mom, her baby, and other two kids dressed as the Incredibles


Cruella de Vil and Dalmation Puppy from Costume Works


The hardest part about this mommy and baby costume is to cut out and glue on all those little dalmatian spots! This idea would work for infants and toddlers too.


Mom and her infant dressed as Cruella de Vil and a dalmation


Where’s Waldo Mommy and Me Costume from Jess Oakes


Mom and baby Halloween costumes don’t need to be complementary objects or characters, either. They can be matching costumes.


If you just don’t have the time (or energy!) to craft anything, this Where’s Waldo costume idea is simple enough that you can just use what you have and buy anything else that you need. Some jeans, striped shirts, beanie, and cute glasses should just about do the trick.


Mom and her son dressed in matching Where's Waldo costumes


Painter and Paint Palette from The House That Lars Built


It just doesn’t get easier (or more comfortable) than this mom and baby Halloween costume. A jumpsuit, a babywearing sling, and paint on fabric which is pinned onto the sling for the paint palette. Don’t forget your paintbrush prop and you’re ready to go!


Mom and her baby dressed as a painter with her color palette


Supergirls from Busy Little Izzy


Here’s another matching mom and baby Halloween costume idea that you can but don’t need to DIY. Embrace girl power with matching Supergirl costumes!


matching mom and baby Supergirl costumes


Lilo and Stitch from Diary of a Fit Mommy


Here’s another idea that involves absolutely no crafting if it’s just not going to happen for you this year. There are so many costume options that you can buy for your little one (and inexpensively if you check thrift stores and clothing resale stores) to take the work and pressure off of your shoulders.


Lilo and Stitch is such a cute idea!


Lilo and Stitch mom and baby costume


I hope this list of ideas got your creative juices flowing! Did you find any mom and baby Halloween costumes on this list that you’re going to make this year?


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