Easy Newborn Activities for Tired Moms

Even Exhausted Mommy’s Can Help Boost Their Baby’s Brain

As a new mommy I, of course, want the best for my child! Finding activities for your newborn and their brain development is so important those first few months of their life.

As a new mommy trying to keep your baby’s brain going while your mommy brain is fried can be a challenge.

I remember thinking my baby must be so bored! We just sleep and lay around snuggling and watching Netflix.

You have just spent the last nine months making this baby and several hours pushing your baby out, the last thing you’re thinking about when you get home is activites for your newborn. Plus you exhausted!

That want to do activities with your baby just isn’t there! Lets be honest all you want to do is look at your baby and sleep.

Your body is still healing from creating this creature that only eats, cries, and poops, but that you still love unconditionally and want the best for.

That first month can be so tough, especially since in this first month your baby might not be smiling or laughing very much.

Even through this tough time, there are a few things that you can do with your little pooping bundle of joy that takes very little effort and is so good for baby’s brain development.

3 Simple Activities For Your Newborn Baby

Get black and white contrasting photos for your baby to look at.

Babies respond well to the contrast of black and white because at birth their retina is not yet fully developed. This under-developed retina does not notice shades of colors which is why the bold contrast between the black and white is most noticeable to your baby, and will keep their attention. 

Lovevery sells black and white art cards at a low cost and they are fantastic! Get the entire activity gym including cards here.

Take one for the team and listen to nursery rhymes.

We enjoy toddler radio on Pandora. This station plays a lot of Disney movie tunes, so even momma can enjoy a few!

Another favorite of ours is Pinkfong on YouTube.

Make eye contact and facial expressions.

Eye contact is so crucial during your baby’s development because it sets the stage for so many things as they grow up. Eye contact shows the ability to focus, forms trust and bonding, and is also plays a role in your baby learning to talk.

These three simple activities will help your newborns brain grow and are simple enough mommy can still relax, rest and most importantly… heal!

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