Top Nursery Organization Ideas to Make Life Easier

Take some time to create some effective nursery organization systems for your baby’s nursery which will help you stay organized and help others know where things are.


Do you have a new baby on the way? A big (wonderful) experience like that usually comes with a variety of emotions, ranging from excitement to fear as your baby’s arrival gets closer.


While you may feel quite ready to welcome your new bundle, you can get physically prepared by creating an organized nursery. I remember first hand just how much better I felt once I put a little nursery organization into place. 


Once you bring your new baby home, you won’t be spending much time organizing because you’ll be too busy taking care of your baby (and sleeping!). That means that having organizational systems in place beforehand will make your life so much easier. 


I think that’s the best part of having an organized nursery – it will save you time and stress. And I firmly believe in making life as easy as possible when there’s a newborn to care for!


And most importantly, getting that task done ahead of time means you’ll be able to focus on your little one and not scrambling around trying to find items while your baby is crying.


Organized nursery closet


Top Nursery Organization Ideas for New Moms


Here are some essential tips for how to functionally prepare your nursery. If you follow these suggestions it will be neat, tidy, and ready to use once your baby arrives – without having to spend precious time redoing it! 


1. Create Areas That Have a Clear Purpose


First, you need to establish areas of the room that function in specific ways. Make sure that you can grab anything you need in that area easily. 


Here are four basic areas you can create in your baby’s nursery. You could create more, but these are the top four that I think each nursery benefits from:  


Reading and Nursing 


I highly recommend purchasing (or registering for) a glider chair and ottoman. They were lifesavers for me, and that area was multipurpose for us. I used it for nursing and rocking when my babies were tiny. Then as they got slightly older, we also used it for reading books. 


Keep nursing supplies (nursing pillow, pump, etc) as well as a shelf of books and maybe even a lamp nearby.


Changing Area


This is one area you will be using a lot for a while. Whether you use a changing table or a dresser, designate places to store diapers, wipes, diaper cream, a diaper pail, and some changes of clothes within easy reach. Here are more tips on organizing your changing area




Whether you use a closet or a dresser to hold clothes, organize it, and keep a laundry basket nearby. The ideal location for the laundry basket would be in between the closet (or dresser) and the changing table, so you can easily use it no matter where you are. 




Store the baby monitor, sheets, and sleep sacks within easy reach. 


Take a look at the room and think through how you’ll use it. Then make these functional areas intuitive. There may also be other functional areas you could add if you have space and the items. Just remember to keep it simple.  


2. A Place For Everything and Everything in its Place


organized nursery drawers


As you work to organize the room, all the time you spend setting up baskets, drawers, totes, and shelves will pay dividends. Don’t be afraid to get creative, but do keep it intuitive so that when you (or anyone else) need something, you don’t need to spend tons of time figuring it out where things are.


Then take a step back and look around. Is there anything that still doesn’t have a place to call home? If so, create a home for it. 


The benefit of doing this is that it will help you stay organized for the long term. Trust me, you’ll be grateful for this 3 months down the road!


3. Make Your System Clear So Others Can Follow it 


As you create your functional areas and other nursery organization systems, make them easy to understand and follow so that others can easily pick it up, even if you aren’t around. This will be important when the baby’s grandparents, a friend, or a sitter help with the baby.


When someone comes to help you, the last thing you’ll want to do is have to explain where to find essentials or where everything goes. That said, as you prepare your nursery organization system, set things up in a way that makes sense to others as well as yourself. 


4. Label, Label, Label


One thing you can do to make sure that everyone knows where to find what they need is to label it all.


It doesn’t matter how obvious you think your system might be, if you have a tub of diapers but run out, you want people to know what belongs in that tub.


Try these fun ways to label your baskets, tubs, and other organizers: 


  • Label machine – A label machine is a great way to make very uniform and easy-to-read labels to attach to baskets, tubs, or even drawers.
  • Decorative tags – Prefer handwritten labels? Buy decorative tags and add a personal, handwritten touch as you label everything.
  • Vinyl cutting machine – If you have a Cricut-type of machine, you can design and cut out fun decorative labels yourself.


It doesn’t matter which system you use, just pick the one that is all: legible, easy to stick to, and doesn’t cause extra work for you (ex: chalk on labels that gets rubbed off so you have to re-label).


5. Maintain the Ability to Grow and Change


And last but not least, keep in mind that your baby will grow. As that happens, you’ll need to be able to adjust the nursery to fit the changing needs of your growing baby. 


For example, the arrangement of your functional areas – or maybe your labels – will need to be adjusted. Maintain the ability to be fluid and easily change out your labels or replace newborn items (like sleep sacks) with infant or toddler items (like blankets).


Another thing to consider is your dresser organization system. When you’re ready to move from newborn to infant clothes, then to toddler clothing, keep the system fluid and intuitive.


Setting up your nursery organization systems can be fun and creative. Just remember to keep it simple and intuitive so that others will be able to figure out your system.


Organized nursery with closet and crib


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