Perfectly Imperfect Motherhood



Crazy how much YOU can change from such a tiny human being entering your life.


Yes, your life changes…


the laundry room becomes your hangout spot, there are plenty of changing table visits, always dishes to do, going for a simple walk feels like a major life accomplishment…


and the days go by in a flash.


What’s even crazier than your life-changing though, is how YOU change.


You no longer feel like you have control.


You realize how impatient, tired, and cranky you can be.


Having it “all together” is pretty laughable.


You also become more weird, trying to get baby to laugh at all costs…(maybe that’s just me ?)


You also realize how DEEPLY you need a Savior.


Someone who IS in CONTROL.


Someone who NEVER gets tired, cranky or impatient. Someone who ALWAYS has it ALL together.


Thank you Jesus, that YOU have it all together.


That You hold each of us just like I’m holding Cameron.


We don’t have to be perfect.


You are perfect.


So yes, having a baby does change your life. But more importantly, it changes YOU.



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