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Prepare Yourself and Your Vagina for What Happens After Delivery


People are pretty good at preparing a new mom about the miracle of childbirth, and how to care for your new baby after delivery, but did anyone prepare you for what happens to YOUR body after labor and delivery?

Childbirth is definitely a miracle but, WOW, it sure is a messy one!

No one prepared me for what to expect about my own body during delivery or after pregnancy.

I was so focused on learning what was going on inside me, learning how to take care of the baby when I got her home, and making sure our home was ready, so the thought of how this might affect me never really crossed my mind.

Ladies, it’s not pretty!

I was so unprepared.

Thankfully during my hospital stay before the baby arrived, I had a few nurses fill me in on a little secret. The secret… take EVERYTHING!

While you’re at the hospital just start stashing supplies in your take-home bag. Seriously!

These supplies are not easy to find outside of the hospital.

The last thing you want happening is to get home, realize there are so many things you need, then have to explain said items to your significant other and have them wandering around the store at a total loss.

You can only get most of these necessities online. You don’t have 3-5 business days to wait on these items to get to your home now.

Don’t let this happen to you.

Here’s what the hospital will provide:

  • Perineal squirt bottle: this is your new toilet paper. Yep! You read that right. After birthing a child you can no longer wipe with toilet paper because your lady parts are too sensitive. So now you get a very cheap, make-shift, hand held bidet.
  • Perineal cool pack: this cooling pack is made special just for your downstairs area and let me tell you its the best thing ever! Make sure this is something your stashing in your to go bag and asking for more while your at the hospital. It’s not the most comfortable and you’ll feel like your waddling around with a giant diaper on but it was the only thing that gave me a little relief.
  • Dermoplast pain and itch spray: I only used this a couple times, but for some women this is their life saver. If this pain and itch spray happens to be what gets your though these rough weeks you may want to have an extra bottle or two on hand.
  • Tucks with witch hazel: you will want to put these on top of your pad. I always used 3 at a time. The hospital will provide you with the largest pads you’ll probably ever see, and they will be necessary because the bleeding will also be more than your expecting to see.
  • Disposable mesh underwear: trust me when I say this is not the time for your pretty panties. Stock up on these disposable ones. Also, the mesh material makes them stretchy enough for everything you’re going to be packing in!

Your bathroom trips won’t be quick and easy. It’s a process!

Step 1: Fill perineal bottle with warm water.

Step 2: Pee… or maybe step 2 is a number 2 in that case good luck!

Step 3: Clean with perineal bottle.

Step 4: Spray the itch spray.

Step 5: Air dry while you prep the underwear.

Step 6: Activate the cooling pack and lay it on your new mesh granny panties.

Step 7: Place the humongous pad on top of cooling pack.

Step 8: Lay your tucks across the pad.

Step 9: Carefully pull the underwear up trying not to mess up the perfectly placed tower you’ve just created.

Here is what you will want to buy:

  • The perineal bottle the hospital provides is not the most ideal. It does the trick but if you want something better the Fridet MomWasher is very popular.
  • Overnight pads, lots of them! Also go ahead and stock up on some lighter pads and panty liners for when the bleeding starts to slow down.
  • An extra bottle of Dermoplast… just in case!
  • An extra box of Tucks.

I kept all of my postpartum bathroom supplies together in a basket next to the toilet. I know it seems like a lot and I’m not going to lie, it is!

You’re a mom now though and moms are tough! Hang in there and just remember you have a beautiful baby you can stare at to take your mind off the pain.

Comment with what gave you the most relief with your postpartum care.

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