Prenatal Visit During Covid – 19 ~ What To Expect In Kansas

I am currently halfway through my second pregnancy and it has been a bit different the second time around. The biggest difference is that I am going through this pregnancy during an international pandemic, Covid-19. I am going to share with you everything you need to know about prenatal visits during Covid-19. 


Keep in mind, I may live in a different area than you. I live in Kansas within the Kansas City Area. What’s going on here is different than other parts of the country but I think a lot of experiences are very similar. 


Also, please keep in mind that I am not even close to a medical professional. All of this is just my personal experience and I am not giving any advice as medical advice. 



Here’s What You Need To Know About Prenatal Visits During The Coronavirus Outbreak


First of all, I think we tend to panic about things that don’t need to be blown out of proportion. I am in no way trying to worry you about anything. My goal is to help you feel more prepared. Nothing I am about to share is a big deal. It’s just the facts. 


Your baby will still be born and live the newborn life they were always meant to, despite them being born during a pandemic. This is the time in which God chose for them to be born and he has a perfect plan for their little life, starting at this very time. 


Masks Are Required


This one is probably pretty obvious, especially since at the time I am writing this they are required everywhere in the state of Kansas. However, they were not a requirement in a public place when I first started going to my appointments.


They were, however, required in the doctor’s office at all times, and have been during the entirety of my first 20 weeks. 


Fewer Appointments


You could possibly have more spaced out appointments. When I first started my prenatal visits, I was being seen every 6 weeks. In this area, the norm is every 4 weeks for the first part of your pregnancy, so this was definitely unexpected. 


In an effort to keep the number of people in the office down, they were spacing out appointments and seeing people less often. 


Eventually, this went away and they started seeing me regularly, which is every 4 weeks until later in my pregnancy. 


Screening Before Being Allowed In


This is pretty common at a lot of places these days, so it should be no surprise that you will have to get your temperature taken and answer a few questions.


They ask me these questions each time I go in:

  • have you tested positive for Covid-19?
  • have you had a fever or a cough recently
  • have you traveled outside of Kansas in the last 14 days?

These are pretty standard Coronavirus questions. 


Waiting Room And Check In Set Up


At my office, you have to stand 6 feet back from the check-in desk. Really this doesn’t change anything. It just means I have to stretch a little farther to hand back paperwork. 


The waiting room has very few chairs and they are very spaced out. At my office, they have designated seats for each doctor so I have to make sure I sit in a seat that is marked with my doctor’s name. 


This is to ensure everyone is keeping a safe distance and that the room is not getting too filled up. 


No Guests


This could perhaps be the most inconvenient change. No one can go into the office with you. 


If you have small children that would normally attend appointments with you, you will have to find child care for them. Children are not allowed to come with you. 


Also, this means your spouse cannot go to the sonograms with you. My husband had to miss out on the first one BUT he was allowed to attend the second one where we found out the gender. 


When my husband came to the second sonogram he had to go through the screening process and, of course, wear his masks. They had him wait out in the hall outside of the waiting room. 


Then, when it was time for my sonogram he got to walk back to the sonogram room with me. He had to walk straight back. After the sonogram was over he waited in the car for me to get done talking with the doctor. 


I was very thankful that they had changed this policy and found a way for him to come watch the baby on the sonogram. There is nothing like seeing them moving around for the first time. 🙂


Nothing Too Crazy. You Got This Mama!


That’s basically it! Nothing crazy and nothing scary. I know there will be a lot more changes during the actual birth at the hospital, including having to have a negative test on file before being admitted to Labor and Delivery, but I’ll let you know more about those details once I know more. 


If you are currently pregnant during the coronavirus, I hope you and baby are healthy and well. Remember there is no need to stress, especially when situations are out of our control. 🙂

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