Quiet Activities to do with your Toddler while the Baby Sleeps

Finding quiet activities to do with your toddler while baby sleeps can feel daunting. As a mom, you just spent all that time getting the baby down and they have to sleep- they need it. 


You need it. 


When you finally get that baby to sleep, the worst thing in the entire world is something waking them up. Of course, you do everything that you can to keep things quiet. You bought the sound machine, hung a polite sign on the door asking people to avoid the doorbell, and moved your laundry schedule around so that the baby will stay asleep. 


There’s only one thing left- keep the toddlers quiet. While it is easier said than done, it is completely possible to. As a mom of 3, I have had to get creative almost daily for years to keep toddlers quiet while the baby naps. 


Over the years, I have found several tricks to help moms like you keep your toddler nice and quiet while your baby has nap time. 


But first, here are some quick tips for planning quiet activities for your toddler. 


quiet toddler activities


Keep it simple


I think in this day and age it can feel a little overwhelming for moms with toddlers to keep them in good spirits. It can sometimes feel like whatever we have planned just isn’t good enough. So we go above and beyond the call of duty. 


Here’s the good news- toddlers don’t need a big fancy activity to keep them quiet. Something as simple as letting them sit on the kitchen counter and play with bubbles while you do the dishes can be enough. 


Do yourself a favor- keep it simple. 


See nap time as a time to connect with your older kids


Sometimes it can be difficult for older kids to understand why their mom is spending so much time with the baby. When the baby naps, this is a perfect opportunity for you to connect with your older child. Doing something as simple as cuddling and reading their favorite book can be enough for your toddler to feel loved. 


I cannot recommend that you try your hardest to add special time with mom and toddler into your routine, this can easily become one of the favorite parts to both of your days. I promise!


Here are some of my favorite activities to do with my young kids while the baby sleeps!


5 Quiet Activities for Young Kids while Baby Sleeps


It is so interesting how a quick 20 minutes spent in an art project with your toddler can help them feel loved and calm their little minds down. The stimulation that an art project can bring their little minds is so beneficial for their imagination.


Some simple art projects include coloring, playing with play-doh, or a simple sensory processing bin filled with uncooked rice and dinosaur toys. 




Play-doh is one of those classic kid toys that everyone loves. It comes in every color imaginable and you can use almost any kitchen utensils to create anything that your kids love. 


I like to take smaller spatulas, spoons, or anything else I can find to play and create beautiful playdoh masterpieces. 


Play-doh also helps strengthen muscles in kids’ tiny hands. This will help them do many daily tasks like turning doorknobs or the strength to hold crayons and pencils better so they’ll have the confidence to write their ABCs quicker. 




Sitting with your kids and coloring is the perfect activity to keep the noise down while the baby sleeps. In addition to this activity being quiet, coloring with your toddler also has several developmental benefits. 


Coloring with crayons helps toddlers hand-eye coordination, stimulates the left side of the brain, and helps kids learn their colors. You can even add in some educational ABC coloring pages to help kids learn their uppercase and lowercase letters.  




I know I don’t have to explain to you the benefits of reading with your kids (there’s literally dozens) and it’s one of the easiest activities that you can do to keep your home quiet while your baby sleeps. 


One of the best ways to keep your bookshelf stocked is to look into your local library for some new books. For us, every Wednesday after school we return our old books and check out new ones. That keeps things consistent and helps keep me accountable and avoid late fees. 


Another fun way to add reading into your routine is to begin teaching your kid how to read. That’s right- it’s possible to begin teaching as young as 3. You can read more about how to go about teaching your child to read with no prep here.


Board Games


One of my favorite memories with my older kids and play board games while the baby napped! 


Board games have so many benefits for young kids to play. I cannot recommend them enough to my mom friends. Aside from being fun and creating memories, board games are great to teach life skills like rule-following.   


There are so many board games that are quiet and easy enough for young kids to play. Here are 6 board games that are great for young kids!


Sensory Bin


Sensory Bins are one of those toddler activities that can be as unique as your kid. The best part? They only take a few minutes to put together. Just grab a few toys and something to stimulate your child’s senses. I like to use dried beans or uncooked rice. 


If you can integrate a sensory bin into your routine, I strongly encourage it. 


In Conclusion to Quiet Activities for Toddlers


Keeping your kids quiet while your baby sleeps is possible! Just remember to keep that time between you and your toddler calm and easy. Do an art project, read a book, or try out a new sensory bin.

The most important thing is that mom spends some quality time with her older child. This special time can be one of the most effective ways to help toddlers stay quiet while their sibling is napping.

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