Strange pregnancy symptoms that may take you by surprise

Oh pregnancy, the magical time where rainbows and butterflies come together, frolicking through a wondrous land…just kidding. Kind of. You see, it turns out, there’s actually some strange pregnancy symptoms that may take you by surprise.


Can you guess what they are?


Well, if you keep reading, there will be no guesses needed.


I’m going to share some pretty strange pregnancy symptoms expecting moms don’t anticipate, ready? Let’s go!


*Please note the opinions in this post are not to be taken as medical advice or in place of medical advice. If you have any medical questions or concerns, please contact your doctor or a medical professional.*


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Strange pregnancy symptoms that may take you by surprise



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Metallic taste in mouth during pregnancy


Dysgeusia, the medical term for that gross metallic taste in your mouth thanks to those pesky pregnancy hormones.


I remember experiencing this in my first trimester in my first pregnancy. I would typically experience it the most in the mornings after waking up.


The taste was like I was sucking on pennies or coins and just had that sharp metallic taste stuck in my mouth for an hour or so after waking.


So if you experience this weird symptom, rest assured, it’s not uncommon.


Painful Leg Cramps


You know the days when you haven’t drunk enough water, go to sleep dehydrated, and wake up with the WORST leg cramps?


Well, these happen during pregnancy without even being dehydrated.


One thing that helped me was taking oral magnesium supplements according to my doctor’s recommendation.


Keep in mind everyone’s doctor may have you try something different, but that’s what worked for me.


In fact, some studies have also shown that “oral magnesium supplement can improve the frequency and intensity of pregnancy-induced leg cramps“.


So if you’re getting these pain-in-the-leg cramps, ask your doctor what they think!


Varicose veins…down below!


You’ve seen and heard of varicose veins. But did you know some women get them DOWN BELOW?


Yes, I’m talking about your lady bits.


No need to panic, this happens simply because that growing belly is putting lots of pressure on the vessels on top of your already increased blood flow.


And the good news, is these kinds of varicose veins typically go away after birth.


Flat out WEIRD pregnancy symptoms I didn’t expect…at all!


So we went through some strange pregnancy symptoms already and you’re probably thinking “Wait…there’s MORE?”.


Yes, there’s more.


But for me, these were the ones I just flat out didn’t see coming at all. So let’s chat a little about them so you can be better prepared than I was!


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Swollen & bleeding gums


The not so cute bleeding gums. Ugh, I remember this weird symptom ALL too well!


We were at a family gathering for dinner, everyone was having a great time talking and then all of the sudden my husband says, “babe…are you ok?”, I looked over smiling and said, “yeah, of course, how come?”.


Then the rest of my family is staring at me super awkward and my husband then told me my teeth had blood on them. I ran my tongue against my teeth and sure enough, it was blood.


I ran to the bathroom worried all while googling “pregnancy bleeding gums” which is when I learned IT’S TOTALLY COMMON.


Why? You may have guessed it — your hormones!


As you progress through your pregnancy, those hormones cause a major increase in blood flow and actually decrease saliva. With that combination – it makes plaque build-up easy in turn leading to swollen, sensitive, and bleeding gums.


If you haven’t seen a dentist yet, now might be a great time to get a clean and make sure all checks out ok.


Healthy teeth are also apart of a healthy pregnancy!


Lightning Crotch


It’s called lightning crotch for a reason — because it feels like your crotch is on fire from the stinging “lightning” like sensation.


Most moms don’t feel this until they’re well into their third trimester.


That’s because as baby gets further along in pregnancy, they slowly start to descend lower and lower into your pelvic region.


And though there isn’t a specific reason for it to happen, it’s thought between the pressure down below and baby bumping into some nerves simultaneously can cause that uncomfortable jolting pain.


I found, the best way to find relief was to sit down and put my feet up, however some moms find relief through walking, taking warm soothing baths, or simply just lying down.


Bad breath


Who wants to be the pregnant mama hanging out with her friends, goes in for a hug, and then realizes how bad her breath smells?!?! Not me!


I don’t want you to be either!


We talked a little bit about this earlier, but hormonal changes that make it easier for bacteria to build up in your mouth (swollen gums, more plaque, vomiting, etc..) hence, the bad breath


Keeping up proper oral hygiene between flossing, brushing, and dental care should help.


If your pregnancy hormones are making the smell or taste of toothpaste repulsive, you could try using a water flosser instead! It essentially pulsates the water at a high pressure to get rid of any debris or plaque starting to build up in your gums.


I used one even before pregnancy and found it really helpful!


Turning into bigfoot aka feet growth


It’s true – your feet CAN GROW during pregnancy. I know, I went up an entire shoe size after my first was born.


Now, this is not to get confused with swollen feet. Swelling during pregnancy is also common.


However, foot growth usually happens when you have those pregnancy hormones surging through your body. Causing loose joints & ligaments to prepare for birth.


Except, your feet also have lots of ligaments holding them together. This is why it’s no surprise they end up a little longer and sometimes wider after pregnancy.


The downside? Your favorite pair of shoes may no longer fit.


The upside? Now you have a solid excuse to go shoe shopping!


Don’t be TOO weirded out by these strange pregnancy symptoms, many of them are (unfortunately) just a common part of being pregnant!

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