The Only 9 Items That Your Baby Actually NEEDS

What Does My Baby Really Need?


Beyond the obvious newborn items like a crib, car seat, and diapers,  there are very few things that your baby actually needs. Everything else is just fun and convenient to have. Here is a minimal list of things your baby actually needs. If you are a minimalist, have a small living space, or are on a budget, this list of essential baby items is perfect for you. 


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9 Baby Essentials You Actually Need


High Chair 


I specifically love a High Chair that can grow with your baby and doesn’t take up much space. We use the Fisher-Price Space Saver






Babies need a way to sleep close to you for at least the first few months. This can be done in many different ways. If you are a co-sleeping family a bassinet is actually not needed and you can skip this part. 


I’ve also seen people put the actually full-sized crib in their bedrooms until the baby is older. That is a great option as well. 


The other option is to have something next to the bed that the baby can safely sleep in until they are older. 


I personally love these bassinets that are more minimal, easy to move, and can be placed right up next to the bed. 






Babies do not need a variety of clothing. I quickly learned that they have to be changed a lot. Dealing with buttons is very challenging, constantly pulling things over their head is not pleasant either and velcro easily gets messed up in the washing machine. 


The best way to go is Zip Up Pajamas. Trust me on this one. When they are very little, this is by far the most practical way to go. 





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Warm Blanket


You will want to have something soft for them to snuggle up in and something you can tuck around them to keep them warm in the car seat. If you live in warmer weather these lightweight blankets are also very nice and can be used for many different things. 






Unless you are a pro at swaddling with a regular blanket you will want to get some nice swaddles that are easy to use and that your baby can’t fight their way out of. I found that I like these SwaddleMe Pods the best. 






If you are breastfeeding you could argue that you don’t NEED bottles. However, they are nice to have when you need to have someone babysit or to let your spouse bond with the baby. 


And of course, they are absolutely necessary if you feed your baby formula.


I’ve only ever used two types of bottles and liked them both. Tommy Tippee bottles are a little better for when they are a tiny bit bigger. The Dr. Browns are better for newborns. 






Have you tried a bottle that you really love? I’ve only ever used the two different kinds and would like to know what you love using? I may change it up for the next baby. 


Baby Safe Shampoo and Soap


Babies don’t need full-on baths in the bathtub like they will once they are a toddler.


They really just need a wash-cloth bath next to the sink. 


It’s the products that you use that really matter. You’ll want to use a gentle, tear-free, allergen-free baby soap that’s free of toxins. 


There are a lot of really good brands out there. These are a couple of my favorites:






Somewhere to Hang Out


Babies can really hang out anywhere, the couch, the bed, the floor, but it is nice to have an additional place for them to lay down where they are comfortable and safe while you get something done. 


You can easily use your bassinet for this but I would highly recommend either a swing or a bouncy seat. Just keep in mind that babies don’t need ALL of the cool gadgets and they will outgrow them quickly. 






An Easy Way To Travel


At some point, you may want to be able to travel around with your baby and be a bit more hands-free. You really have two options for this, a baby carrier or a stroller. 


If you don’t go for walks or travel often a baby carrier is your best bet. Here are two options that I think are great:






I hope that you found this helpful. What are your favorite must-have baby items?

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