Tips For Celebrating Easter Without Candy

If you and your family have decided to go candy-free, Easter can be a difficult time to keep the momentum on that going. So much of what is marketed for kids at Easter time revolves around the incredibly sugary and incredibly unhealthy. But, with a little bit of planning ahead, you can be ready to tackle it head-on.


easter with no candy

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Keep Easter Fun Without The Candy


Easter Baskets


Easter baskets are by far the biggest trap for kids getting candy at Easter. The good news is that you can easily avoid candy if you make the basket yourself rather than buying them premade. Once you make your own basket you can decide exactly what goes inside it. Instead of making candy or other treats the focus of the basket, make the basket more about little gifts. Think of them like Christmas stockings and fill them with books, Easter-themed items, toys, socks, and even fresh fruit.


Include Some Candy


This might seem counter to everything else you’ll read in this article. But it is important that your kids don’t feel like they’re missing out by not having any candy at all.


You can do this by controlling the narrative, making the focus less on the candy and more on the other things. When you limit how much candy you put in their baskets you can get higher-quality candy from natural and health food stores.


You can also use this as an opportunity to slowly decrease the amount of candy they get each year. This way your children don’t feel like they’re being punished for something.


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Make Sure Family and Friends Know


Be sure that all of your family, friends, and anyone else you’ll be seeing on Easter know that your kids are going candy-free. You won’t be able to control every possible scenario, like going out to public events or church. But you can limit exposure to candy in family gatherings.


However, if they are going to come into contact with cousins and other family members their age who are going to have candy, it’s good to allow them to have a small amount so that again, as stated before they aren’t feeling left out.


Also, be ready with an explanation of why your kids have less candy than their cousins. Kids respond well to being told little nuggets of truth. “The Easter Bunny knows you love soccer and too much candy can make soccer harder to play.”


Put Money and Small Toys in Eggs


If you have some of those little plastic eggs a lot more can go into them than candy.


One option is buying little toys that will fit inside. But, this isn’t great for smaller kids as the toys that would fit inside can be a choking hazard.



Instead, you could put in money. Head over to the bank with $10 and exchange it for rolls of coins in all sizes. You can even declare one of the eggs to be the 1 dollar egg and whoever finds it gets a dollar.


For the smaller kids, this amount of money will go a long way and it can go straight into their piggy bank after the egg hunt is over.

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