To My Little One Who Made Me A Mom

Dear baby boy,


It’s been two months since I first held you in my arms and my world hasn’t been the same ever since. I never knew that I could love so much, a profound love that makes my heart smile whenever I look at you, my sweet baby. It seems surreal that I have you in my arms after having you inside me for nine months. Loving you before having met you. Singing to you and talking to you while inside me. Now I have you in my arms, and getting to do that, makes my heart melt.


You’ve started smiling now and cooing. It’s the best part of my day. Whenever you wake up in the morning, you give me a big smile and I can’t put to words how much joy you’ve brought into my world. And when you start cooing, aren’t you the sweetest little boy! It makes me smile and laugh and I’d join in the conversation.


Oh, and when you’d grasp for my finger and hold it tight, I promise you my dear boy that mama will always be here for you.


By your side when you need me. I’ll be your rock and your biggest fan.


I will always love you, as I have before you came into this world. You’ve made me a mama now, which is my greatest blessing and joy.


I want you to know that you’ve changed me. You’ve made me stronger, braver and ready to face anything that comes my way. On those sleepless nights when you keep me up, I try to stay up and make sure you’re okay and when you sleep all I want to do is look at your cute chubby face.


You have not only made me a mama but a better daughter and wife. I now like never before look at my mama with so much admiration and great love. For bringing me into this world and molding me into who I am today. Hoping that I will be just like her. Be able to shower you with love, teach you to be kind, to believe in God and mostly to be a wonderful human being.


My love for your dad has not only increased but is now even stronger. On those days when am overwhelmed with motherhood, it’s your dad’s reminder that is doing a great job, that pushes me to be a better mom to you. He’s support and love have made me appreciate him and adore him more. His love for you, reassures me more that we’re going to be okay with him by our side.


I love you so much my sweet baby boy, you make me the happiest mama. You have filled my world with happy tears, lots of joy and lots of blessings. I am so grateful to God for having granted me such a beautiful gift. I will always cherish you my little one.


Love you always,




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