What to Expect When Giving Birth – Things I Didn’t Know

Dirty Details About Delivery Day


The moment everyone eagerly awaits, delivery day; the day your child is going to be born into this world! I thought I knew what to expect when giving birth, but it turns out there were some crazy things that I did not know would happen.


For me, this day was truly terrifying! I couldn’t be more excited to be a mom, but I seriously dreaded the day my vagina was going to be ripped open; my cute bowling ball baby tummy transformed into a shriveled, wrinkly mess (think old lady butt).


I was prepared for my stomach to shrink but I did not know what it would look like… let’s just say it’s not what I imagined. I’m doing my best to embrace my new body and remain positive, but sometimes it’s hard.


There were so many things about the delivery day I didn’t expect.


I was THAT mom that wanted to know everything before giving birth; obsessively reading, researching, and optimizing every detail.  I thought the more I knew, the better prepared I would be.


Keep in mind, everyone’s experience is totally different but there are some fairly common things that no one ever told me!


These are the dirty truths you don’t come across in the books, the details online bloggers conveniently leave out.


They are not sexy and they don’t conform to the image of an exhausting yet rewarding delivery.


I feel like they are important nonetheless.


5 Dirty Details I Wish I Knew Before Giving Birth


Peeing Down Your Legs


All through pregnancy especially that first and third trimester almost every woman will experience that urge to have to pee constantly! When I was in the hospital only dilated to a two, that feeling only intensified!


I was told to try not to get up from the bed too much because I had so many wires and monitors attached to me.


Also, it was not an easy task to walk from the bed to the bathroom. That being said, of course, I had to pee every 30 minutes! That. Is. Not. An. Exaggeration!


As embarrassing as it is to admit I didn’t even make it all the way to the toilet most times. (Disclaimer: Make sure that the person or people you are trusting to be in that room with you will cast no judgment and promise never to mention that you peed yourself).


The nurse was following behind me cleaning up my mess like I was a puppy getting potty trained. Just in case you weren’t already starting to beg for a treat for going potty, they also will be sure to put potty pads down on the bed for your “accidents”.


Pregnancy Shakes


For me, this happened as soon as my contractions started to get a little more intense.


You know that feeling you get when you’ve been out in the snow for too long?


The one where you’re shivering so bad your teeth are chattering and your backaches, that’s a pregnancy shake! Except you’re not cold you’re probably sweating!

They are also known as labor shakes. These shakes are caused by a shift in your hormones along with the adrenaline.


Just another thing you can thank your hormones for.


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The Nurse Does So Much


I was completely surprised by how much the nurse did. My nurse was with me the entire time. The doctor came in and checked on me once before the actual delivery.


When the doctor checked me, I was dilated at a 6. She asked if I wanted the epidural and then I didn’t see the doctor again until after I had started crowning!


Practically Painless Epidural


Before going into labor I had told myself I didn’t want the epidural, mainly because that needle is scary! When it came down to it though and the doctor told me I still probably had another four hours of contractions I decided I needed the epidural.


Honestly, it was the pregnancy shakes that made me want it.  I was able to breathe through the contractions from everything I learned in Lamaze class, but I could not kick the shakes!  They made my entire body tense up.


The epidural totally helped!  I was most surprised by the fact that it didn’t feel any different than any other typical shot.  Most likely because by this point, I had already been through so much pain that this felt like a tiny pinch.


I also didn’t think about the fact that once you get the epidural you can no longer get up to pee, so you will be getting a catheter. Don’t worry though, since you’ve already had the epidural you won’t feel the catheter.


Things Go Wrong


If you do a lot of reading about labor and delivery, you’ll find they all say no pregnancy is the same and to not be upset if your delivery doesn’t go as planned.


Even though I had read this so many times I still thought I would be the exception. I had a smooth pregnancy and assumed my delivery would be the same story. It was not!


There is no way to prepare for when things go wrong but to just trust that the doctor and the nurses know what to do.


All you momma’s reading this, no matter what happens you’re going to do great and when it’s all over you’re going to have a beautiful baby!


There’s one more thing you’ve probably read and heard a million times and that is that it is all worth it and let me tell you… that part is 100% true!

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