What To Put On Your Amazon Baby Registry

Wanting to be prepared for your new bundle of joy is a perfectly good motherly instinct. There can be so many baby products to choose from. It can be overwhelming. Hopefully, this list of what to put on your amazon baby registry will help you feel more prepared.


When making a baby registry I think it’s important to put everything you need on there and anything you really really want. Putting extra fluff on your registry will only keep you from getting the things you actually need.


While you do want your friends and family to have lots of options at different price points, you don’t want to miss the chance to get what you really need, just so your buyers can have more options.


This is a very practical list that ensures you have everything you need for baby and some things that will make life more comfortable during this exciting yet crazy part of life.


No Fluff Baby Registry Must-Haves


This list does contain affiliate links. You can read all about that here. 


~ Nursery ~


Crib – some people don’t register for this because they buy it themselves, find it second hand etc. This is totally up to you.



Crib Mattress – pretty self-explanatory



Crib Sheets – you really only need sheets for your babies bed



Mattress Protection – makes clean up easier when your baby spits up in bed and once you get to the potty training days



Bassinet – your baby will more than likely be sleeping right next to you for a couple of months. A nice bassinet makes this easier for everyone.



Changing Pad – this works for any type of changing area. I had our changing station on top of a dresser. This was perfect, and it’s waterproof.



Changing Pad Covers – have a couple because things will get messy



Laundry Hamper – this one is super cute and can be out in the open. I have found it easier to keep my hamper out in the open so I can toss dirty clothes in right away.



Baby Hangers – I didn’t think I needed these at first, but I was wrong. They are super nice to have.



Diaper Organization – get a basket like this or something similar to keep all of the essentials by the changing station



Rocking Chair – buy one of these or register for one. You may even go to the store and try out a few. Make sure it’s comfortable! I still use ours every day with our 4 year old and I wish ours was more comfortable



Sound Machine – this helped my baby sleep SO much! It’s especially helpful in a small house where everything can be heard in the whole house.



~ Travel ~


Infant Car Seat – I really liked having the one that just clicked in and out of the car. We got an extra-base for my husband’s car and the grandparents even had one. We did, however, have to buy another car seat for each car when she grew out of her infant seat.



Car Seat Cover – great for keeping baby from being exposed to the elements. Plus, this one has other uses.



Stroller – I had actually gotten a stroller/car seat set and did not end up liking the stroller that we got. It was huge and bulky and hard to push. I left a highly recommend one here for you in this link but can not give a true testimate to this one. Just do your research and stay away from bulky strollers.



Carrier – I wish my baby would have liked to be carried more. When she did like to be carried this really came in handy. I even cooked dinner with her in this some times. If you are traveling with a baby this is a must-have as well.



Pack N Play – this is a smaller compact version that also has a bassinet top. Perfect for traveling or smaller homes.



Diaper Bag – I highly recommend using a backpack. You carry a lot more things as a mom then you ever did before and it’s nice to have empty hands.



Portable Sound Machine – if your baby uses a sound machine to sleep this portable one is great for car rides, stroller walks and visiting other people’s houses.



Sound Monitor – I kept a sound monitor in the backpack so that if my baby needed to sleep in another room at some else’s house, I could quickly hook up the sound monitor and be able to hear how she was doing.



~ Health And Safety ~


Baby Monitor – I loved having one of these, even in our small home. It helped when it came to sleep training. I also enjoyed being able to go outside after she was asleep. I could take this out and still see how she was doing.



Humidifier – we live in an older home that gets very dry in the winter. It has been very helpful to have this in our daughter’s room.



Nose Frida – the best thing for cleaning snot out of your baby’s nose.



Nail Clippers – perfect for babies small hands



Thermometer – definitely need to have one on hand at all times, just in case.



Baby Laundry Soap – baby skin is more sensitive than ours and needs to have a laundry soap that is mindful of that



Outlet Plugs – this was really the only baby safety measure I took. Any exposed outlet covers were covered up.



Baby Gate – use these to keep your baby out of places they shouldn’t travel or in a room that you would like for them to stay.



~ Nursing/Feeding ~


Breast pump – first check to see if you can get one free from your insurance company.



Manual Breast Pump – I wish I would have had one of these from the beginning. Once you have a good milk supply coming in, this is the perfect solution to having to pump on the go. Read about other baby items I wish I would have had. 



Bottles – these are the kind that we used, but I know there are a lot of good options out there. I never had any complaints about these.



Drying Rack – I used a regular kitchen drying rack that stayed in the sink. I could use it for more than just bottles and it didn’t take up any room on the counter.



Breast Feeding Cover – that car seat cover that I listed earlier… it also doubles as a breastfeeding cover. 🙂



Burp Cloths – I needed way more of these than I thought I would. My baby was spitting up all the time!



Bibs – for eating of course. You may also consider getting a lightweight one for when they start teething and drooling.



Spoons – for when they start eating solids



Plate – I love these silicone ones that stick to the table



Bowls – I really like how these stick to the table and have lids!



Sippy Cup – the 360 cup is by far the best sippy cup you can get. I tried a number of them and was always grossed out by what got stuck in them and how they weren’t ever entirely clean. These 360 cups are easy for them to use, they don’t spill and they are easy to keep clean.



High Chair – I liked this one that could sit on a kitchen chair. Then it wasn’t taking up extra space.



~ Newborn Essentials ~


Zip Up Footie Pajamas – this is all newborns need to wear… trust me, it’s all they need.









Swaddle Me Pod – my baby was always busting out of any swaddle! These zip swaddles or even a sleep sack prevents that.



Cozy Blanket – I love these minky ones. They are super cozy and soft for baby. Plus, it’s so cute to see them still want to sleep with it in the years to come.



Light Weight Blanket – you also need a lightweight blanket for summer days. Plus, these can be used for so many things. I used mine for swaddling, a car seat cover, a breastfeeding cover, and even a burp cloth.



Socks – to keep those little toes warm



Binkies – these were our favorite



Teether – here is a super cute option that babies love



~ Bath Time ~


Shampoo and Body Wash – use a safe brand that is free of toxins!






Bath Towels – nothing is cuter than a baby in a hooded bath towel



Bath Cup – you will need one of these even if it’s not this cute one. A cup from the kitchen does the job just as good too.



Bath Tub – this can be useful when you are between taking a bath by the sink and before your baby is sitting up. However, they are used for such a short window of time that if you need to skip something this would be the thing to skip.



Kneeler Pad – this is a luxury. If you have the room it will save your knees. You will be getting on your knees to give your child a bath for a few years at least.


~ Play Time  and Other Equipment ~


Swing – this is a great option. I actually got a different one and wish I would have gotten this one.



Play Matt – a very simple but cute one that my daughter loved to play with.



Walker – I preferred a walker over an activity center. Our activity center, jumping thing (whatever they are called), took up a ton of room, and while it was fun, we enjoyed the walker more. I don’t think you need both so pick which one you need based on your space and what you think will work best for you.



In the end, babies really don’t need that much. If you can’t get everything on this list you will be just fine. All they really need is you! (and to be fed of course) Congratulations and enjoy your new bundle of joy. Children really are a gift from the Lord.


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