Write For Daisies

We would love to have you write for us! If you have a story that would encourage other moms or some really great tips to share, this is the place for you. Have a look around the site and then submit your post for review below.


Here are a few guidelines:


  • post must be original and not posted anywhere but daisiesanddiapers.com
  • post CAN already be something you published on a social media account
  • content must relate to the site… mothers with young children
  • minimum of 750 words, can be longer
  • faith-based content is encouraged but not required
  • self-care/love yourself content will not be accepted
  • please review and edit carefully, posts with a lot of mistakes will not be accepted
  • you may provide pictures
  • stock photos will be added to any post that does not have a picture provided by the writer


You will be given a short biography with the ability to share links at the end of your published post. We will promote your post and ask that you promote it as well. We want your content to be seen and your voice to be heard as much as you do.


Fill out this form to submit your article for review. 


You should hear back from us within one week.


Daisies and Diapers has the right to reject any article submission for any reason and does not have to provide reasoning.